The weekend proved to be more eventful with baby stuff than with Father’s Day events.

Friday night, I had a girls’ Night In… okay, so it was just my gf, Jesse, me, my sis (but she put O to sleep early), and O.  Hey, we are all girls.  And we all stayed in.  Hahah.

It was a good night.  Jesse and I drank wine and just had a great gab fest.  (Ok, so we drank like two bottles of white wine… which I never do… no, I drink two bottles of wine… but I rarely if ever drink white wine).  But it was light and yummy.  Unbeknownst to us, by the time she left, it was nearly 1am.  By the time, I washed up and went to sleep it was nearly two.  Then, by the time O woke up with crazy shivers, 2:45am.  By the time we were at Cedar’s ER… 3:20am.

She had a fever of 104.4.  It took a good 3 hours before we were seen by the MD.  Then, they started poking and prodding her.  She cried, but she was good.  I give it up to all fields that work with children.  It’s heart wrenching to see a small child sick.  I don’t know how they do it.

Watching them look for a vein to start her IV was hard.  I just hoped they could manage on the first stick.  Her little tiny, chubby arm looked even smaller once they were done.  Luckily, the nurse got it on the first stick.  I was almost inclined to ask to do it myself… but I know O would’ve probably ninja kicked me or something.

They tested and cultured her for a lot of things, but fortunately, all the bad things came back negative.  They say there is a virus going around with kids with no known origin or cause that’s causing them to have high fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose for 5-6 days.

Now, mommy, both grandmas, and possibly Elmo are all contaminated.  It’s amazing because we as adults are all… ugh, ugh… I’m sick.  But O, she’s such a trooper… we didn’t know how sick she was until late Friday night, when her little body just couldn’t handle anymore heat.

Just a side note, most new parents are quick to go to the ER if their kids are sick.  The only time you should really go is if the fever is unresponsive to antipyretic medications or the fever lasts more than 3 days and your child is lethargic.  I am an advocate for not giving small children ANTIBIOTICS unless you are absolutely sure your child has a BACTERIAL INFECTION…not a VIRAL INFECTION.  Luckily, my husband and I fully agree on that.

But on a side note… children are prone to dehydration because of their lack of adipose tissue… so keep them hydrated.  And if your gut tells you… this is not normal… then it probably isn’t.  Although, I know as a first time parent, it’s hard to tell because you just want your kid to get better.  Even though, I’m a nurse… it’s still hard for me to decipher my own fears and a true medical emergency… :0