(I guess I forgot to post this one!!!!)


I haven’t read such a risque book since I secretly read, Forever by Judy Blume, in junior high school.

And to think, they are think about making a movie out of this trilogy.  It’s going to be Rate PORN.  For shizzle.

Oh my bejeezles!!!

I love reading books.  Predominantly textbooks on disease (yes, I’m a dork), self-help, and spiritual books.  The last novel type book I read was, “The Help.”  So of course on my regular news channel, Facebook, everyone started talking about this new addictive book called, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  Curiosity set in.  But I waited to see what the hoopla was all about and whether or not the tides would calm.  But nope, everyone kept carrying on.  Namely women.  I do not think any sane man is going to admit to reading this book… not out loud.  Hahaha.  I never got into Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.  You get the drift.  So I was very reluctant. Then, my in denial-lovely sister gave me a brief synopsis of the book.  She stated something to the effect of “guy, his quirks, relationship.”  She vehemently denies saying that, but I have a great memory … and I promise that’s the way she described it.

So, I’m all for reading books to enlighten relationships.  I start reading this book and by the first few chapters… it’s all sex.  Kinky, mind-blowing, are you for real… people do this kind of sex.  This book should have one of those crazy pictures on paperback books that show a guy and a girl in steamy positions with a tinge of nipple-gate going on.  What the heck does the necktie have to do with anything?  Then, as I am reading this book, I’m thinking man… this lady thought of this?  And then, I started thinking, “whoa, someone is doing this for her to know, right?”  Crazy.

My sister in-laws’ husband is writing a book… and I remember him briefly telling me the process of how he gets from sentence-to-sentence; chapter-to-chapter.  So, he thinks these thoughts into words, sentences, and ultimately a story.  All I can say, is man… she’s kinky.  Crazy.

But now, I’m invested and I can’t stop reading because I want to know why the guy is so messed up.  Childhood angst it seems.  And sad to admit, but he sounds beautiful.  I can imagine what he might look like and whew… steamy.  I can’t imagine who can play him in a movie because he seems out-of-this world hot.  I feel like such a loser.