My first movie date with O.


I took O today to watch “Madagascar 3” as promised.  I know I wasn’t being a responsible parent by taking a sick kid to the movie theater, but a promise is a promise.  (We sat in a quarantined section, for those giving me death stares right now!!!).  It was fun.  I don’t know how much O enjoyed it because she seemed a bit antsy, but she sang along and laughed a few times.  I think she was a bit sleepy too.  We tried to schedule the viewing at a time when I thought the least amount of kids would be there.

I highly recommend the movie.  It was entertaining and colorful.  It’s nice to be able to go to the movies with O.  I like playing hookie with her.  I am almost dreading the fact that next year, she’s going to be in REAL school, and I won’t be able to play hookie even if I wanted to.  It makes me sad.  I can’t even believe that this October I already have to register her Kindergarten for the next fall.  It’s insane.  I don’t really think the reality of that has set in yet.  I’m sure I will be a blundering mess when the day arrives.  I was a kook even when I dropped her off for her toddler program.  Crazy.

Anyhow, my household has been up and down in terms of physical health.  The husbinator is doing much better, but O has been sick all week.  I feel it as well.  My mom got sick from O too :(.  O was highly bummed that Wes Oppa and Ella Unnie couldn’t join us for the movies… she doesn’t quite understand the concept of the contamination process just yet.

I’m just hoping she gets better sooner than later.  Be safe.