I was recently very much into finding a great BB cream and I thought I had with Dr. G.  But I think BB creams are too limited in their color category.  I’m dark for an Asian so I turned grey.  I loved the texture of BB creams and the dryness of them, but the color just wasn’t right.  I loved how I could just apply makeup right on top without needing a press powder.  I love limiting extra steps when applying makeup.  It helps when trying to get O to school on time.  But it just wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

One day, my sister took me to Barney’s.  I don’t usually go to Barney’s or Neiman’s.  I feel intimidated by their high-end collections… as most of you know, I’m a fan of Forever 21, H&M, and Zara.  We went to get a birthday gift for someone because my sister was mesmerized by their birthday packing skills.  She’s such a sucker.  Ahahahahaha.  To me, I think they should forego all the tissue paper and whoo-ha and lower their prices.  Ahahahahahahaha.  Ugh, wasteful packaging = wasting trees.

Anyways, while perusing the shelves… we ran into an old clerk who used to work the Make-Up Forever Counter in our old surburban hood.  He now was working for the late Kevin Aucoin.  I have always been a fan of Kevin Aucoin long before he even had his own line of makeup.  I even owned his book.  He was immensely talented and taken way too soon from us.  Well, the clerk did a full on make-over for me and used the above foundation.  It was magic.  The texture.  The color.  The coverage.  The PRICE.  $48.  Now that was great.  I mean, other high-end brands are like $75-250… it was a perfect match.  Now, I’m addicted.  I use all his products from concealer to eyeshadow.  It’s the best.  It also isn’t oily nor does it feel heavy.

If you get one makeup item this season or for the fall, get this.  It’s really the best.  And if you don’t like, I will buy it back from you and make a concealer out of it.  Ahahhahahahahah.