It has been a crazy busy week.  Last Wednesday, the husbinator and I had a lovely overnight date night in the desert.  It was lowkey, fun, and just us in & out of our lovely abode in the scorching hot desert.  Haha.  It was a much needed bonding time.  I just read and ran errands while he was at work.  I even ate lunch by myself in our favorite little French restaurant.  I never eat by myself, but with my trusty little Nook… I felt brave, very French, very independent.  Hehehe.  Yep, I’m growing up.

When he got home, we went to test drive some SUVs for a later purchase.  I must say, I am liking the Cayenne.  Although aesthetically, I still enjoy looking at the old school Range Rover.  It’s a bit big.  But she’s beautiful.  While I was still admiring her beauty… I had the incessant nagging in my ear by my husband stating the much repeated fact that “BABE, THE BODY IS GOING TO CHANGE IN TWENTY FOURTEEN!!!”  Hahahaha.

Afterwards, we went and got a foot massage.  As usual, he was Monica from “Friends” and would moan to my utter embarrassment.  Hahahahaha.  He swears he doesn’t.  Just like he swears he’s not a snorer.  Pushahahahahaha.  After driving around in search of a restaurant, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and go to the casino.  It was fun.

Then, home…and more fun times.  Ahahahahahahaha.  TMI.

Friday, we had rehearsals for our friend’s wedding.  Husb and O were both part of the celebration.  Saturday, we went to the wedding.  It was fun.  O did extremely well as the flower girl… and yes, I was the sappy mom that teared up as I watched her with proud eyes.  I looked over to look at her dad who was standing at the alter to watch his expression… he denies it, but I think he choked up too.  Men… so unemotional.  We had lots of fun.  Lots to drink.  And made lots of memories.

Unfortunately, we had a little too much fun to be able to take O to the Elmo show on Sunday, but thankfully, my awesome sister was here with my mom to be able to take her.  I heard, she felt she was a bit too mature for the show, but her like of her new souvenirs tell me otherwise.  I’m so thankful for my mom and my sister.  (Gave me time to finish the trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey”… will talk about that book soon).

Luckily though, we were able to make Mass together.  It was nice.  We’ve missed Mass at St. Brendan’s for awhile now.  And it felt nice to be back.  I was feeling my spiritual gas tank was heading to empty… so it was great just to be there physically… mentally, not so much.  ahahahahahahaha.  I was praying to have the feeling of love I felt that one morning while I was taking O to school, and in that moment as the priest was exiting and greeting the parishioners, he stopped.  He held the bald head of a bandana clad Filipina, kissed her, said some words, and hugged her again.  I watched her as tears started to surface in her eyes… but she held it together.  I unfortunately couldn’t.  I teared.  It was emotional.  And I pray for her now hoping she will be ok.

I suppose that’s God’s beauty and mystery.  Even in times of hardships, there are moments of clarity and peace.  There are people who pray for you without you even knowing it.