Bundle Pack

Cute… but shipping costs for each item? Thumbs Down!!!

Jessica Alba, along with another celebrity’s husband, started this website for eco-friendly/kid-friendly products.  I’ve been hearing about it for a year or so, so I decided to finally check it out.  More so, because as of Saturday you are now able to purchase individual products.

The product packaging (TRE Importante to me!!!) is cute and simple.  Clean.  I read reviews the smell is a bit obscure, but I was willing to risk it and try the products as I am transitioning into finding less chemically-filled household products.  I’ve always bought organic baby supplies for O, but household… I always wanted the strongest to get the cleanest house.  Hahaha.  But the fumes are intense and I started thinking… “man, if this is burning my eyes and nostrils… what is it doing to my daughter?”

Anyways, I have used eco-friendly products such as dishwashing liquids, detergents, etc… but really, they didn’t clean well.  And not only that, I felt like I was using more product because of it’s inability to give a soapy, squeaky clean.  So I weighed the pros/cons and thought… “geez, either way, I lose.”  So, I went back to the regular products just unscented.  I love me my Palmolive Anti-bacterial dish soap… hehehehe, yes I am a dishwashing-loving loser.

So, I was filling my cart on this site… and thoroughly enjoying the process (as any type of online shopping thrills me!!! ahahahaha)… then, BAM!!!  SHIPPING COSTS!!!  What the heck.  Jessica Alba… you are rich.  You can afford to forego on the shipping a little bit.  As my cart grew, so did the shipping costs.  Those are the little things I feel like retail companies need to stop dumping on the consumer.  Like, fill the box with less tissue paper, use less tape… I don’t know.  But really, charge a flat rate or don’t charge at all.  I’m not cheap… :p  … but I am frugal on certain things… and shipping costs are one of them.  I can use the same amount of gas money to go to Target and get Earth’s Best or something with a tree on the product packaging.  Am I right, folks?  Organic products are costly as is… so why do I have to pay extra for shipping?  Whew.  I feel better.

The thing is… I hate feeling like I’m doing a disservice to my daughter if I don’t at least try to make some sort of concerted effort not to expose her to so many unnatural toxins.  But, I’m also not one of those moms who turn a nose up if someone else doesn’t do the same.  I hated it when my old boss (almost showed off… no not almost… she did.  That blatant fool)… would make a big whoopla about her organic purchases… ie, mattress (which I hear surprisingly does have the most carcinogens and toxins… crazy right?), meat, etc.  TANGENT:  She’s a doucebag.  I hate bad-mouthing but she’s just a rotten-to-core dictator.  Her PRO-ORGANIC antics actually almost made me feel defiant towards organic products.  ahahahahaha.  Yeah, childish I know.  But I hate feeling like we all have to conform to what celebrities are doing or what my neighbor is doing.  It’s unnecessary stress, which is why I choose not to read or watch local news because they just scare the crap0la out of you regarding everything!!!!  UNNECESSARY!!!!!!

Anyhow, the only thing I might advocate is to buy organic eggs, dairy, and meats, if possible.  Having been a vegetarian for some years in the past… if I choose to eat products from another animial… I don’t want it to be hampered with.  Yes, I know McDonald’s isn’t organic… and thus, ignorance is bliss.  So please, don’t tell me to watch, “Food Inc.” and what not.

Hope everyone has a great day.