So, I’ve been out-of-commission not due to my own circumstances, but because my husband slipped a disc in his back and has been immobile since Monday.  On top of that, O had an eye infection with intermittent, low-grade fevers.  On top of that, someone stole our new credit cards and decided to use it at Home Depot and Ralph’s.  May the Karma God’s give them amebic dysentery and have whatever they bought at Home Depot explode on their hands so they can’t steal again!!!!  We should do as Eastern Indian’s do and cut off people’s hands if they steal!!!!!!!  F’ing annoying.  Sad thing is… it’s probably someone from either my building, mailman, or postal worker.  F’ers.

Anyways, so this week was filled with visits to the acupuncturist, orthopedic surgeons office, MRI… and now, waiting.  Waiting to see if he will get an epidural.  Thankfully, he says he feels much better today.  Crazy, never seen him in so much pain.  Never seen him cancel patients for the entire week.

Being a nurse, I guess has it’s advantages because he was grateful at how I was able to care for him.  But it’s been trying at times.  Hearing him scream the “f word” in sheer agony has been tacks to my ears.  I’m beat to say the least.  My whole routine has been shifted… and my need to have a clean house has been put on a semi-hold.  😦  Had to tell my cleaning lady not to come this week, because he wasn’t able to move.  I hate it when my cleaning lady can’t come.  I look forward to her weekly visits more than anything.  Haha.

We did, however, manage to take O to the zoo on Sunday.  Initially, we had planned to take O to Legoland.  But, because of her eye, we (as responsible parents) thought it wouldn’t be nice to have her touch things and spread germs.  So we held her the entire time at the zoo and let her look on from afar.  The weather was great so I didn’t get heat stroke.  Unfortunately, we went too late to be able to see the larger animals like the lions, elephants, and such.  It’s great now though since Madagascar 3 is coming out and she was able to see the animals in real life.

Anyways, my master is calling me, so I gotta go.