O had her first ballet recital that lasted a good two minutes or so.  It was utter chaos… and yet, I still teared.  I tear all the time when I watch her do things for the first time whether it be sharing on Share Day at school, singing at her Mother’s Day concert, holding onto her Elmo for dear life so she won’t go home, or just watching her engage with her friends.  Those are the great moments.

The not-so-great moments are the screaming and wailing for no good reason.  There are a lot of those.  And it’s hard to decipher what form of discipline works best.  According to Angelina Jolie, she doesn’t discipline her kids.  Kudos to her.  But I don’t have billions of dollars for other people to teach my kid how to behave.  So it’s hard.  I definitely want her to be a carefree child but I don’t want her to grow up entitled or angry either.  It’s a fine line we parents skate on.

I’m so glad it is the weekend.  We have some fun things planned with family and as a family.  We’ll be taking O to Legoland for the first time this weekend.  I’m hoping the weather is cool because Chris and heat just don’t mix well.  But I just need some quality time with her especially now that she’s in school daily.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.  Please don’t drink and drive.