I love a good drama here and there… but when it becomes too close for comfort; not so much.

It’s nothing that really deals directly with my family or me, but lately, I swear the floodgates for misunderstanding, lies, and hate have just opened.

Last night during our typical heated HOA meeting, two grown-ass, old Korean women went at it.  Almost resorting to throwing blows had I not gotten in between them and pushed them apart.  I swear, I live in the Korean Melrose place for seniors.  We are so out of here as soon as possible.  The building is just chaotic.  As Russell Peters’ dad says, “Russell, someone bout to get hurt.  And it ain’t gonna be me.”  Ahahahahaha.  The nerve of one of the lady’s son to come to my house ringing my doorbell at 10:40pm to find out what happened.  I told him straight as I saw it… that “DUDE, YOUR MOM EGGED THE LADY ON AND SHOVED HER HEAD INTO THE OTHER LADY SCREAMING TO HIT HER.”  My husband told me I did the right thing.  I hate injustice.  Our president, one of the ladies that fought, is a true fireball.  But this time, I felt she was antagonized and I really felt sorry for her.  It’s not a good feeling to be attacked while you are doing the community a favor by even taking on the role as HOA president.  I know, I was the president for two years and it was stressful to say the least.

I also have friends giving silent treatment to one another.  It sucks.

As I said last night at the meeting to the ladies, we have mouths to communicate.  Speak.  Be courteous.  Resolve.  The way you deal with troubles shows the type of person you are.  Silence?  Yeah, some people do deserve it.  But know your silence will one day cut you out of everyone else’s life when one day you discover you have made a huge mistake.  Karma.