This weekend was full of kid events starting on Thursday.

Os best friend came down for a hotel slumber party at the SLS (they have a great heated pool).  But two 3 year olds don’t always follow instructions or do what “we” think they should be doing.  O loves to the water… Mia hates the water.  So FAIL #1.  Dinner at GyuKaku was FAIL #2 because a skipped nap = cranky kids.  Sadly, M was not feeling well and we didn’t know til they went home :(.  But she’s better now.  Yay.

The funniest part of that Thursday night was when we were turning on a movie for us to watch and our friend, Fang, told us to turn on HBO HD.  I said, “watch, it’s a porno or something!”  And voila!!! REAL SEX documentary.  And guess what, the stupid remote control got stuck and on the screen was a large pink, rubber dildo slapping a four legged female in the doggy position getting her leather g-string wearing buttcheek slapped.  NICE.  So, I’m cracking up and trying to get the remote to work trying while gesturing to them to cover Os eyes… but instead FANG covers the four month old infants eyes.  AHAHAHAHAHAHA.  OMG.  Comedy.  They thought I was joking but really the remote sucked.  Luckily, our friend, Rita, got up and stood in front of O asking her, “do you want a snack”… it was nearly 9:30pm.  AHAHAHAHAHAH.  Who would think HBO would have such risque movies on at that time of night… that’s when we realized that in other parts of the country… it was 12:30.  Hahahahahaha.

Friday, the girls just hung out at our place.  Saturday, O watched her first movie theatre movie, “Pirates.”  Sunday, I coordinated a soccer picnic date with her classmates so we had fun at the park with eight other famiies.  Unfortunately, her dad was sick so he missed out on the fun.

It’s been crazy.  O is a bit more defiant lately.  I’ve tried to be calm.  I’ve tried to be stern.  I’ve been crazy.  I can’t seem to figure out what works.  Having my own demons from childhood, I struggle every single time I discipline her.  Questioning whether or not my method of trying to raise a decent human being is actually creating a hostile and emotionally chaotic little girl.  I don’t know if laissez faire or communism is a better style.  I’m trying to be democratic… but I think I’m going to be overthrown soon.  Ahahahahahaha.

I know there is light at the end of the tunnel with this whole parenting thing, but man, it’s hard.  The worst part of the day (after having a difficult day together) is actually when she falls asleep looking angelic & peaceful, because I almost just want to wake her up to make up the day with her all over again.  I guess that’s why God made a tomorrow.  So, in the mornings, I always try to remind her that I love her so much.  I wonder if she knows.  If she will ever know.