Last October, my sis and I abruptly decided to start a business together.  I loved what I did… and she wanted to start something new.  At that moment, everything seemed simple and do-able.  We hastily set forth completing paperwork, starting the licensing procedure, getting an office space… all on a tight budget, no help from my husband, and a lot of hope.

As the weeks went on, I quit my job because the owner of  my company was no better than a sweatshop owner to her employees.  She vehemently denies this, but deep down, she knows.  I know.  God knows.

So with no more income, insecurities, fear, and doubt started creeping in.  I noticed myself staring at the ceiling at night unable to fall asleep.  I kept having thoughts of failure.  Of all the things I didn’t know.  It was hard because I wanted to be strong for my sister and family.  I’m lucky though, because I have my husband to take care of me.  But my sister essentially is giving up a large part of her security to do this with me and that burden weighed heavily on me.  Then, I thought, “Good Lord, step the F up for once girl.  Your sister gave up her dreams and all that she wanted to take care of the family business.  It’s time to give back.”

It was hard though.  I had to contact people that I didn’t think I would ever want to deal with again.  I had to start kissing DRs assess to get meetings; only to be cancelled on.  It’s been humbling.  But I believe this is my calling now.  Walt Disney says, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  That’s my mantra.  I’m not scared anymore.  And my pride has been nicely tucked away some place.  It gives me a sense of relief knowing that the industry I’m venturing in is stable, but more than that, I started feeling self-assured with myself… and thanks to my daily devotionals from Joyce Meyers.  Hehe.

Pray for us and our ability to care for our patients once we start.