It has been a long time.

A great deal has changed.  Mainly within myself, my mind, … not so much my body… but trying.  That’s half the battle I suppose.

O is FINALLY sleeping through the night.  Newbie parents and parents-to-be a baby that does not sleep well or doesn’t want to sleep on their own is brutal.  Three plus years = wrinkles, loss of sanity, depression, anxiety, and lots and lots of irrational behavior.  My poor poor husband, family, and daughter.  But also for me, it has been brutal.

BUT NOW PEEPS, I’m back!!!!!!!  YAHOO.  I can’t even express all the soul searching and letting go and learning it took to get here, but it feels amazing.  You name it, I did it.  Books, exercise, therapy, medication, screaming, crying, fighting… and all it took was a few great weeks of sleep and lots and lots of prayer.

But the greatest gift I received was truly embracing that God loved me on one simple morning.  I know some of you may not be religious, but read on, because this was my journey and my experience.


(yahooooooo, found it.)