As you all may know, I’ve been on this long journey with this thing called “fertility.”  I’ve seen many reproductive endocrinologists and OB/Gyns that have told me …”there’s no hope.”  Then, viola… My little darling, miracle was born.  So in your face biatches.  Jk.  I have had many issues with endometriosis that was being controlled with meds and frequent monitoring.  I’ve had numerous surgeries for my ovarian cysts.  Now, I’m done.  I was told to find resolve with this “situation.”  What I have decided was to not pursue the issue so aggressively.  I think the key is to maintain my happiness through the obstacles and not let myself get so bogged down by the details of what I’m supposed to do.  I firmly believe nature will take it’s course and God willing we will have more children.  This is what I have to hold on to and believe with all my being.  I don’t think baby making should be rocket science.  However, I do believe being knowledgable regarding beneficial information is good to keep in mind while not being obsessive.  And as many of you know… I can be obsessive.

I started reading this book, Making Babies, on my lovely color Nook (plug).  It has been informative and I have made some minor changes in terms of my caffeine and alcohol intake (although I think I will have a cup today and I gave up alcohol months ago) and started acupuncture in conjunction with some herbal meds to get my chi back in harmony… ahahaha I laugh because I thought it was such quackery.  But I have to say that acupuncture really does seem to lower my pain in my lower back, shoulders, and sciatic.  I was very much against herbal medications because I had never heard any good but I decided to try it not so much for the baby issues but for my overall wellness.

Most of you are probably wondering why is she all of a sudden out-of-whack again and struggling… I wonder that too.  The effects an imbalance in hormone can have on a persons emotions and well-being sometimes goes under the radar as “oh she’s just PMSing or it’s the weather or whatever,” but when you see people in mental institutions, you begin to understand that hormones and chemical imbalances that go unchecked for prolonged periods can really cause a person to go ape-shit.  So check in with yourselves.  Protect your mind, body, and soul by figuring out and solving your issues rather than sweeping them under the rug.  It may take some screaming, yelling, and crying… but fix it.  I learned, recently, that when you really look at the problem at hand without letting your mind start creating more drama, the problem really doesn’t take much to solve.  The feelings of impending doom from a hormone balance is icy and engulfing.  I know it all to well.  But we are stronger than our minds trickery, so don’t let it go on too long.

Basically, my hormones are out-of-sorts because we really thought we were pregnant last month.  End of story.  No boo hoo’s, no why me’s.  It’s life.  So why not me.  I’m blessed in so many ways.  I have no time to feel sorry for myself.  And I really didn’t.  Who I feel bad towards of course are O and my Husb.  But they too are so blessed, there’s no need for sadness. And even with my mind knowing how blessed I am… my body felt completely different.  So I have been working on getting things back to normal for the past couple of weeks and slowly but surely I am feeling great again.

I do recommend this book to anyone going through fertility issues or are just planning on getting pregnant in the near future, because it addresses things that need to be taken care of beforehand as well as being diligent about your health.  After reading this book, I began to really view the whole Artificial Reproductive Therapy (ART) as a business.  So before anyone goes out to have an IUI or IVF (I think it stands for “I’m very fortunate!!!… because You have to be able to pay so much for it… :(), please read this book because there could be natural ways to get yourself pregnant.  (And Pish… it does talk about cyclists.  LOL.  I immediately thought about you).

Have a great week everyone.

Western meets Eastern Medicine in a harmonious way...