O and I have been enjoying a week longs stay here at the beautiful Newport Coast Marriott with my sister.  We both own timeshares here and we thoroughly enjoy the quick getaway.  People ask why we “waste” our time going some place so close to home… but when you are here, it feels a worlds away.  The weather has been nothing short of amazeballs. It has literally felt like beautiful, cool spring days every day.  Just the thought of the cool breeze makes me feel a deep serenity.  Being a water baby… I feel like I’m home near the ocean.  Like the waves, just come in and then take all my stress away… then it comes back for more.  I needed this time.

I was sick the first three days so I was immensely irritable with Os needs.  I felt badly.  But luckily, the whole week wasn’t ruined because I started feeling better on Wednesday.  I had a canker sore in my throat.  Some times when I get “overly drawn” (like I like to phrase) my body just tells me… I need some rest by making my tonsils go apeshit.  Excuse my language.

We went on a long walk from the room to the Shake Shack.  It was a great walk.  We were sweating like we had run a marathon.  It felt exhilarating.  I hadn’t sweat like that in a long time.  My body felt awake.  Alive.  I want to do it again but we have other things planned for our last day here.  I am going to miss the weather most.

Also, I have a minor crush on “The Rock.”  Why?  Because we have been watching “The Gameplan.”  I like his voice.  LOL.  The little girl irritates me though.  Ahahahahahah.  I’m so mean.

Well, have a great weekend everyone.  We have a baby’s first birthday to go to and then dinosaurs to see this weekend.