I had a wonderful birthday full of surprises, friends, and laughs.  My husband in cohoots with my sister and sister in-law planned a surprise party for me.  My first ever.  I was shocked to say the least.  I felt an enormous amount of gratitude towards them and for all the friends that showed up.  I felt very blessed to see everyone there.  Thank you everyone and everyone who couldn’t make it.  I apologize to my friends who weren’t invited only because my husband and sister didn’t have your contact info.

I am truly blessed.  I feel enormously grateful.

I can write right now because my good friend, Esther, is playing with O right now.  She’s amazeballs with my daugther. (New fave word… thanks Guiliana Rancic!!!)

Well, it’s been another month of no promising news in the baby making field.  We really thought this month we were going to have good news to offer but we were pretty disappointed.  I had one woe-is-me day then quickly snapped myself out of it.  There’s no point.  I leave everything up to God.

Anyways, what I wanted to write about today was how history seems to repeat itself with every new generation.

“You’re fat.”  Those are tacks to someone’s ears.  Especially that of a growing child whether male or female these days… it really doesn’t matter.  I understand obesity is becoming an epidemic but we as a society are the ones who aren’t controlling the situation.  Rather, we are letting the situation control us.

I recently had lunch with my friend, Judy, who has three amazingly beautiful kids.  Well, her eldest daughter is now 10 and obviously going through puberty and put on a couple of pounds.  Grant it, the weight may look more obvious on her to others because she was a very, very thin girl growing up.  However, when a ten year old girl says out of nowhere “Auntie Chris, I’m fat!!!”  You know people have been mentioning it to her… WAY TOO DAMN OFTEN.  Her mom said she’s so confident she blows it off… but I don’t know.  Obviously it gets to her if that’s one of the first things she says to someone.  It made me livid.  I heard and saw people do it to my sister and even to me when I gained weight and it is absolutely a vicious cycle.  I hate it.

Why do older Asians think it’s okay to do that?  Do they like hearing “You’re fat?”  Effin no one does.  NO ONE!!!  My friend continued to tell me that her nieces grandparents told her while in China… “You’re so fat, you can’t fit into any Asian sizes!!!”  What the f.  I think the best way to remedy this situation is to correct them as a parent.  My parents just stood by and took it not realizing the affect it would have on my sister and me.  But I will be damned if anyone says that to my daughter or me or anyone for that matter again.  I’m sick of older generations thinking it is ok, especially if they themselves aren’t in optimum condition.

We can not let our children’s confidence be dictated by their unsolicited negative body image.  For a child… it just is not fair.  Correct them, I say.  You don’t have to be mean… just a simple “I do not think that is an appropriate comment to make to a child” should suffice.  Just thinking about it makes me sick.  Please, let’s not as evolved, well-educated, and decent human beings not do that to our kids and especially other kids.  Encourage exercise, activity, and play.  Introduce good healthy foods.  But for the life of Pinocchio (he’s fake you know)… do not project your own negative self-image on your child.

Thank you.