Yay.  Today is my birthday.  And it has started off magically the past few days.  First and foremost on July 20, 2011, O got potty trained.  It took less than a day and I only got beat down once and I had to stand firm and kick my mother in-law out of the bathroom because she was making a dire situation worse.  LOL.  Poor mil.  O kept reaching out to her to save her and she was trying to reach back, but I had to be the cock-blocker.  LOL.  But it worked.  I am so happy.  We went out yesterday to the park and then the Grove sans diaper and voila… no accidents.  She even had her first public bathroom experience in Nordstrom.  Tre chic.  She hasn’t wanted to use the little kiddie potty but then took a massive dump in it so all around … potty training has not been the nightmare I had envisioned.

The night before, my husband came home with my new birthday toy… the NOOK COLOR.  Awesome.  Seriously. Like I said, I was reluctant because I like having the capability to write in books and feel the pages etc, but the NOOK allows you to do all that.  I love it.  He even got me the cool case I wanted.  The even better part, our friend, Andy, works for NOOK so he got us a discount.  Love it.

Anyways, I remembered I was going to fill you in on why I am sadly addicted to games that require interactions with people.  I guess because growing up I didn’t have many friends to play with so I would literally at times play the only board game I had called of course fittingly “SORRY” and play by myself.  AHAHAHAHA.  My sister wasn’t the game playing type and I didn’t have many playdates and such because we were taken care of by our grandparents so we really tried not to burden them much.  So, I guess subconsciously when I play interaction games… it’s like “oh man… I actually have people who want to play with me.”  My husband is just sick of this game.  AHAHAHAHAHA.

(O is peeing in the potty as we speak… yahoo!!!).

Anyways, my bestie, Julie came over yesterday and as usual it was a blast and beyond.  I am so eternally grateful for my friendship with her because we have such a raw and honest friendship.  Those kinds of friendships do not happen frequently so when you have something like that you really need to nurture it and foster it.  I’ve taken advantage of her willingness to always come and visit me all the way from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles… but now, I truly treasure it.

The best part of my friendship with her is that we just put it out there and say it like it is.  No holds barred.  We love each other and want each other to succeed and be the best CEO of our own company.  We had to best talk yesterday with a few tears.  I’m so blessed that she loves me and my daughter so much.  She deals with me and truly just accepts me unconditionally.  That’s the kinds of friendships we should all seek out and try to build with one another.

Thanks friends for the birthday wishes.  I am so thankful for each of you.  My sister… you are one of my best gifts every year.  Stay healthy, strong, and positive always.