(PISH… this ones for you.  No pictures of makeup.  Promise)!!!

I’ve been going to my parents house pretty frequently lately.  I like the effect O has on my parents.  I love seeing my mom’s face light up when O does something new or even not so new.  Funny how nothing gets old for the old folks.  My dad seems to always be in a lighter mood when O is around, so I think she acts as a source of non-medicinal relief during his chemo sessions.

My dad is doing well.  The nausea was not like how the movies portray.  It was well managed with medications.  I was very worried that he would suffer but he has been very upbeat and valiant throughout this process.  His appetite has been great to say the least.  His hair did fall out and he has been flossing the Cojack (is that right?) look.  I can’t say I like it very much.  It was an eyesore for me in all honesty because I loved that my dad always took so much pride in his dark, full mane.  But I suppose in the grandeur scheme of things, it is really a trivial point.  I thank God that he is fairing well because that in itself is also a lifesaver for my mom and sister who have to witness his daily life.

My daughter has recently began to come out of her shell a little bit.  She actually started playing with her friend since in utero, Mia.  YES… actually PLAYING, running, giggling… and leaving my side.  I thought it was just because she has been familiar with Mia for so long, but to my surprise she played with Katie this weekend as well during our Sunday visit to the OC.  (Again, thanks for hosting Cham fam).

O left my side.  Yep yep … she sure did.  I actually got to play and talk with my friends as she played with hers.  It’s ironic how as a parent those little things bring such relief.  When you have a kid, you just assume your child will assimilate and integrate with their peers but it doesn’t always happen the way you had envisioned.  I really thought my daughter was going to be stuck to me for the rest of my life (which isn’t a bad thing for me since she is my best friend) but nope… she’s starting to venture out on her own.  She’s role playing, dressing up in costumes, and becoming more outgoing.  I love it.  I used to secretly wonder if she had socialization issues since she was just with adults for the most part.  My husband would tell me (well scold me) not to think such thoughts and she’s perfect.  But as an innate worry-wart, I did what I do best… worry.  So whew.  RELIEF.  It comes at a great time too since we will be sending her off to toddler school in the next couple of weeks.  I’m torn but I know it will be good for both of us.

Pish/Deb… Katie is a great girl.  She’s growing up magnificently gracious and not to mention gorgeous.  Lay off the diving!!!!  AHAHAHAHAH.  Let her enjoy the pool!!!  Thanks for letting us enjoy such a great Sunday by your voice command operated pool.  We should definitely do it more often.  Also, happy early birthday.