Best Investment EVER!!! For $325

I recently got this Tory Burch backpack because when you have a toddler, you need your arms free pretty often.  (OK and because I wanted a cool backpack and not my old Costco Red Polo Backpack… gotta accessorize!!!).  I wasn’t sure whether or not I should get it after seeing the price tag ($325) but I thought… “what the heck… who cares.  It’s my birthday present to myself.”  But to my utter delight… it has been the best purchase I’ve made in a very long time.

The backpack was hard to find.  They don’t carry it anymore in major department stores.  I guess it was advertised in a Teen Vogue magazine back in January so it has been hugely out of stock.  But lucky me… my sister (yes… she is bomb…you may rent her for a marginal fee) used her witchcraft magic.  And VOILA… she found it for me from a Tory Burch boutique.  Apparently, there are only 3 in the entire nation.  I don’t know if I really believe it but whatevers… I’ve got mine and that is all that matters.

But the bag is amazing.  It is roomy enough to carry Os diaper sack, my agenda, Kindle (borrowed of course), wallet, phone, Os milk bottle on the side, and plenty more.  The best part about this backpack is… bum puh ruh rum (that was supposed to be my drum roll)… it is virtually weightless even with all that stuff in it.  Seriously phenomenal.  Also, the nylon material makes messes easy to wipe up.  It comes in a khaki color and a black with black buckles… but I didn’t like it that much.

If you are need of a good bag to carry that is lightweight, easy to carry … and still fashionable, this bag is it.  I think they have a bag version as well.  I haven’t used any other bag since I’ve started carrying it last week.