Cheapest is the pink nail polish from Forever 21 to the Nars lipstick which was about $23. Well... the MAC highlighter was $28. Oops.

I bought some things this weekend in preparation for some summer time fun.  You can’t wear all the gloomy colors from the chilly winter months.  Just like changing clothes for each season, I change my make-up as well.  I can’t use tinted moisturizers during the summer months or anything cream based because I sweat like a man.  So today, I went back to my Shiseido compact powder.  I like it because it has really good coverage and the color is pretty right on.  Here’s the sucky part… you have to buy the powder and the case separately.  At least it’s not like it’s more expensive counterpart Cle De Peau where you even have to buy the sponge.

So, I bought those fun colors for my nails.  I like crazy nail polish because I never do anything crazy with my hair or even really my make-up so my nails are all about fun.  I got one from Forever 21 (pink one) and the other is from MAC.  I don’t know the name of the Forever 21 color but it was only $2.80.  The MAC one is called “Ocean Dip” and it cost freaking $15 but I was obsessed with the color.  It looks way better on short nails.  My nails are a bit too long right now for the color but I put it on anyways.

I got the highlighter from MAC… not realizing I had purchased one a few months back in nearly the same color.  Argh.  That’s why you should know what you have and where it is.  I just ran across it last night while I was organizing my make-up bags.  So, if anyone wants it… let me know.

The NARS lipstick is actually just a moisturizing lip-tint with SPF in it.  It’s not a big deal… but I wanted it for whatever reason before.  Total buyer’s remorse.  But since I bought it… I have to use it.

I had to go to my Gyno because there was a lump in my boob.  I wasn’t concerned at all because it didn’t feel suspicious to me.  I almost already knew it would be a lump of milk stuck from my two episodes with mastitis.  But I always feel it’s a good idea to have everything going on in your body well documented because you always have a baseline to go back to.  So KNOW YOUR BODY.