I loved these since I was a kid.. I still love them!!!

Nope, Jennifer Aniston isn’t the only one who eats baby food.  I think she eats it to stay thin.  I eat it because I think it tastes good…ok I will admit to it too because they are way less in calories.  I’m not like my bff, Julie, though.  She actually eats the pureed foods.  That’s just yuck for me.  But I snack on these because 1.  They are yummy.  2.  They are safer to eat since it’s for children (I’d like to believe). 3.  And yes, they have way less calories.  4.  I can share with O and other kids that come over.  LOL.

The puffs to the right come in a three pack at Babies R Us. (I swear, Babies R Us should pay me for advertising for them).  They aren’t as filling as the Arrowroot cookies, but they are tasty.  The sweet potato flavor is my favorite.

My most favorite of all!!!

These Gerber Lil’ Crunchies are my absolute favorite.  Better than Cheetos Puffs because it’s not as cheesy and there’s less mess (no, not no mess, less mess).  I eat them when I want Puffs, of course while I share with O.  Hehehehe.  But you can eat 18 of them and only consume 35 calories.  That’s the best part.  I buy the three packs because it’s just more cost efficient and you can literally eat a whole can in one sitting if you aren’t conscious of what you are doing.

Also, when O and I are out, I just order off of the kids menu because the servings even for children are atrociously enormous.  I love getting Cheesecake Factories spaghetti with meat sauce (I don’t like the penne pasta so I substitute), it reminds me of elementary school cafeteria food.  I loved it when I was a kid.  I could still taste the yummy goodness when I picture the tray full of spaghetti and meat sauce next to the gross canned greened beans in the next compartment.  Remember the cafeteria trays?
 I used to ask my cousins who are like 15 years younger than me to invite me to their school the days they had the spaghetti.  They never told me though.  I think in fear, because they knew I would really show up and embarrass the crap out of them.  LOL.
Anyways, I’m off to dinner with a bunch of friends because my Husb just got back from a “business trip”… (Vegas).  Teeheheheh.
I hope anyone modifying calories (nope… not dieting) uses these snacks as a substitute for snacks.  It really is a great alternative.