My husband and sister think I’m crazy lately.  I’ve been on an “Organize Your Life” frenzy.  What catapulted me into this cycle was from reading “Every Girl Guide”.  I felt like I needed to organize to have better control of my life and my emotions.  Looking for things all the time and not knowing where things were becoming the theme of my life.  I knew I didn’t want that because I wanted to have control over my household.  So unless something changed… I was going to continue to live in a state of confusion, anxiety and thus misery.

It’s been the best thing ever.  I started with organizing my health.  Because I loved working out before, I knew this would be the first step I had to make to make myself happier.  I’ve started working out daily.  I started slow… 10 mins, then 20, then 30 … and now 40 plus minutes a day.  I’m not in it to kill myself.  I just want to feel good and do something just for me.  I feel great.  I have more energy and I feel happy.  Also, as you can see, I learned how to incorporate things back into my life like blogging.  Before… I never felt like I had the desire or time to do anything because I didn’t feel like I was in control of my day.  I just wanted to get through it “somehow.” Scheduling is key.

Anyways… back to the title of this entry.  I got a check!!!!  Yes I sure did.  My husband and sister just laugh because I told them I asked the Universe to put more checks in the mail like they did on “The Secret”… and guess what?  Today, I got a check for a refund for overpayment from none other than my lovely Gynecologist’s office for $227.98 to be exact!!!  How amazing is that?  When I told my husband his response was “Haha!!”  But I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.  JK.  I will be expecting more checks in the mail soon.  I shall keep you all posted.

Today, my sister in-law took O out on her own for the first time.  I felt nervous at first since I’ve never really seen her with a child for prolonged periods of time.  But I think it’s good all around for all of us.  I got to organize Os room drawers and do all the things I enjoy like listening to music, choreographing dance moves, reading, and exercising.  I did so much in just a few hours because my little monster wasn’t there to “help” me.  It was awesome.

I can’t believe all the unnecessary stuff I had stock-piled in those drawers.  Receipts, plastic knick-knacks, cables, so much junk.  I tossed every thing out.  The best part… now I know where everything is.  I found clothes that I hadn’t even seen in years.  Those will be donated.  I found maternity clothes and smiled thinking… “I WILL WEAR THIS AGAIN SOON.”  No, I’m not pregnant right now but I will be in the near future.

Anyways, I must go about my day.  Please feel free to leave comments.  I love hearing from you… yes you Weilin!!!