It is really great and tastes great too... but it's $22.50!!!

I love all things lip gloss and lip balm.  I have some what of an obsession with them.  I’m also very particular.  I don’t like it if it’s too waxy ie., like Chapstick Brand… relax Chapstick-lovers… I don’t hate or discriminate… I just won’t be kissing you or asking to borrow yours… which is why I don’t think I kiss my husband enough.  Hehehehe.  Jk.  I also don’t like glosses that are too sticky or balms that dry your lips once on.  Told you I was particular.  I also require they all have SPF of some degree on it because your lips NEED sun protection.  (SIDE NOTE:  Flip flop wearers… please please please… check your feet and put sunscreen on.  My friend’s friend… and lucky for her that her husband was an astute MD… that she discovered a mole on her foot that was cancerous.  Be vigilant about your health because you know your body the best out of anyone!!!).

Well, I used Fresh after seeing it in People Style Watch (That’s my monthly Bible… people please invest in it… or with a friend… my sis and I share the subscription… borrow it from a friend… or be extra cheap and go to a bookstore and read it and take pictures of all the things you like!!!).  I got it.  It feels great.  But initially I didn’t like the scent.  But I kept it because I spent $22.50 on it.  I never ever felt comfortable with the cost… afterall, it’s just balm.  But the pretty pink tin case… was a bonus.  Ooh la la.

Then months later… I was at Target and what do I see?  THIS:  Hello!!!?  It was only $2.49!!!  The feel and texture is amazing and the best part… I could share with my Husband and daughter because it has SPF AND it feels so amazing.  Funny, we have a friend named, Danny, who loves lip balms as well.  He told my husband during a poker night… “Dude, you gotta get this lip balm” and showed it to him.  Later he comes home to see mine… he’s like, “when did you get this?”  I said, “a while ago…it’s awesome!!!”  Him:  “I want it.”  What in the freakzilla happened there?  But I’m glad he likes it.  It’s better to use products together because you end up not wasting so much and having a gazillion different partially used products in your household.

I even started using Baby products like the Shampoo’s and Lotion’s from Babyganics and Earth’s Best.  I used to use Aveeno on O but I found they had a lot of Parabens.  So I just recently switched to these products and I use them as well because they aren’t as abrasive and don’t contain as many chemicals as ours… of course the drawbacks are they don’t have the stronger scents to cover up your nasty old unwashed hair stench… Oh wait… that’s just my head.  heheheheh… I get oily super fast because I have just straight, typical Asian hair.  So I’m not dirty… although like I told you… I started washing my hair less because I’ve learned it’s not good to wash your hair every day.  (LISA Y… I do wash my body though… so we can still hug… just turn your head away and don’t smell my hair!!! LOL… Love you).

So these are the products I use:

It smells awesome and feels awesome... the best part... it's organic. $7.99. Use coupons at BABIES R US. Then it becomes like $5 and change.

The Babyganics Lotion I carry in my diaper bag.  Funny thing is… I use it more than I use it on O.  I do use it on her after her bath.  Seriously, the smell is awesome and it feels great.  Not greasy or filmy.

You should use coupons from BABIES R US because it is a bit pricey for the size.  That’s the only drawback I see.  But the size makes the portability of it great.

$11.99!!! Again ... use coupons!!!

The Earth’s Best Shampoo and Body Wash is good because the size is good for the cost (use coupons!!!) at $11.99.  I used a 20% coupon from Babies R Us… you do the math.  They have multiple scents… but I had to get the Lavendar because they didn’t have anything else at the time.  It’s ok.  I prefer clean smells like Aveeno’s but it will do.  Most especially because it is 70% organic… and contains no parabens.


OK… this one just baffled me.  $19.99 for sunscreen?  Again I used the 20% off coupon so it came to about $16+ and then I had a $10 off coupon… so $6+… but gosh, it’s expensive.  Is my daughter worth it?  Of course.  But I was shocked.  I didn’t know how much it was so of course the last one my sister bought I just used like it was nothing and then chucked after six months… yes, people… throw old crap away!!!!  So I’m using just this product on O… and the other stuff I’m using like the Aveeno sunscreen for babies.

My friend recently told me Oxybenzone isn’t good for kids which most sunscreens contain.  So I just threw out all the Coppertone stuff I had.  Here’s the thing though… if you can’t afford expensive sunscreen… don’t feel bad.  You have to weigh the lesser of two evils… sunscreen with oxybenzone and reduce the risk of skin cancer or go without sunscreen on the “possibility” oxybenzone poses some risks?  I don’t know?  I turned out fine without sunscreen… our parents didn’t even know you needed it.  But we live with an ozone that isn’t as able to protect us anymore… so mommies … you decide.  Remember that fair skin needs it more and even dark skin people need it to.  It’s a misnomer to believe African American skin doesn’t require sunscreen.

Whew.  This is a long one so I will cut it short here and do another post.  I hear most people only have attention spans that last 15 minutes.

But one last thought, I want to start a magazine.  Isn’t that a crazy idea?  I want to start one for young and old Asians.  I don’t mean just for the slant eyes (yes… so politically incorrect) with the eye creases who can put makeup on like Americans… but us.  The Asians.  Indians.  Mixed.  Pacific Islanders.  Mongolians.  And everyone else.  I know there are a lot of Asian magazines but I don’t feel like I could relate to them.  I think as the media (Godbless Nikita and Hawaii 5-0… although I rarely watch TV) starts including more and more Asians, we will be able to see people in magazines that actually resembles us. I think Asian magazines are boring because they don’t have cool mainstream celebs wearing the types of stuff we want to wear because most of us can’t relate to them.

I want to start one for Asians without the pretentious Vogue-esque style or the Asians with Kung fu fighter tattoos.  Just something like People Style Watch that incorporates the American lifestyle and of course some Americans but with more Asian models that are relatable.  So anyone who has ideas on how to start this or are great photographers or writers… let me know.