So here is a picture of what my feet look like in the present moment… I truly believe these Yoga Toes Wannabes will work its magic.  (Oh and my sister told me they were only $8).  (Don’t mind the scraped toe polish or the little hangnails… time for a pedicure)!

According to my Husband... I have 6 and a 1/2 toes. Ruahahah

I think my toe nails are nice.  But I really want the bunions to be fixed.  The orthopaedic surgeon said I’m not an ideal candidate right now beause I’m planning on having more babies and have a toddler at home.  So I plan to do it when I’m forty and still rocking the highest of heels.

Yesterday, I went to Babies R Us in the Valley.  I bought the Ergo Carrier ($115) for our friends babyshower.  I love that thing.  I still use it.  The cost is comfortable but the product is amazing.  I felt like the Baby Bjorn put a lot of pressure on my shoulders and I could feel the weight of the baby.  But this one… NOPE.  O is about 27lbs now and I can still put her in it because the weight limit is up to 40lbs.

Anyways, so in practicing my positive thinking and asking the Universe for everything I want in my life, I did an exercise from the book.  I asked to meet someone I wanted to talk too.  So, I’m walking towards the checkout stand and a very tall Asian girl keeps giving me the once over.  So you know me… I stare back.  Of course not menacingly… as she was a great deal bigger than me and I’m not in a place where the feisty Chris would have been like… “wtf are you looking at!!? ahahahahah”  (Yep embarrassing… but that was me in highschool and probably all through college!!).  So I smile back … we ask… “do we know each other?”  Then it hit me!!!  She was the girl I always saw smiling at me with her Husband at Church.  Yes… all the way in LA.  She apparently lives in Sylmar but goes to my church in LA.  I always got such a pleasant vibe off of her and her husband and always wanted to talk to them but the opportunity was never there.  Then as she checks out she gives me a bunch of coupons she had to save money.  I was like, “OMG… This Secret stuff really works!!!”  I wish I had saved her email from the coupons she gave me.  But then I would really look like a crazy stalker lunatic.  Funny thing is… her name happens to be “Christina!!!”

Anyhoot… I’m waiting for my friend, S, to come with her son for a park playdate.  I love having this park right next to us.  It really makes it convenient for me to have people over.  Then later, my sister will be coming for her teeth cleaning and then we shall venture out to Robertson to do some shopping with O.

Have a great weekend everyone.