These are such beautiful shoes in the store and on my feet... but $995? I don't think so!!! Well, maybe. Lol.

I went shopping with my neighbor, Helen, and O yesterday to the Grove.  She’s going to Vegas in a couple of weekends so she needed to buy a bathing suit ASAP.  She didn’t seem too thrilled with the experience.  Personally, I think she looks great.  She’s the one with the great illuminated skin who turned me onto Laura Mercier and the Highbeam.

While shopping, I ran across the above mentioned Jimmy Choo shoes.  OMG!!!  Gorgeous.  The picture really doesn’t justify the craftmanship of that particular shoe.  It’s like a piece of art.  But my goodness, the pricetag was a shocker!!!  NINE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE UNITED STATES DOLLARS.  I just can’t justify spending so much on a pair of shoes.  $95 would have been great.  Hehehehe.  I’m sure a great knock off will come out soon.   Plus, when you have bunions… yes, I do… I admit my feet are not feet model material… but hey, they do what they need to do albeit … excruciatingly painfully.

So my dear sister (yes, people… you all need one.  A sister that still in our thirties spoils the snot out of me) bought me the wannabe YOGA TOES.  They are still just as pricey… I think about $50.  They are supposed to loosen the muscles in your feet that make you get the bunions.  I’m doing it daily for at least ten minutes.  I want to see if I can see the benefits.  They came recommended by my Orthorpaedic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Jung from Kerlan-Jobe (plug!!!).  So I will post a picture up on July 23 to see if you guys think there is a difference.  I will post a picture of what my feet look like at the present.


But when your feet need these... the above is not your best friend.

But on a side note… don’t you love my toenail polish?  It’s from ORLY but I don’t know the name because I got it from the salon.  I will look next time.

I also finished reading Every Girl Guide.  It was beneficial for me to read.  Now, I’m just trying to finish all the other books I started reading and never finished.  I tend to read multiple books at the same time… you know, one during the potty time, one I carry in my bag, one on the treadmill, and one appropriate enough to read to O.  But in Every Girl Guide… they recommended reading “The Secret” so I took it as a sign to take it off my shelf, dust off the cob webs and actually finish it.  Surprisingly, I’m almost done with it too.  And I’m really utilizing the message into my life… “Change your thought and change your life.”  It’s as simple as that.

Funny, because last night, I was exercising having positive thoughts.  I was feeling elated and just grateful for everything in my life.  I was supportive and encouraging to my dad who had just returned from shaving his head due to the chemo, cleaning my house, and spending time with my daughter all the while thinking positive things about my husband.  I truly believe he lives “the secret.”  He doesn’t even have to read the book but really exemplifies an eternal optimist.  All the time, he would tell me “be positive… boo hoo you… it’s not life and death.”  He was so simple.  I didn’t get it.  But now I do.  (TANGENT).  Anyways back to my point, well… he came home and was just beat, tired, exhausted… and had some anxiety.  I told him “wth, you’re ruining my mood!!!”  Normally, I would have crawled onto his frequency and just been pissy that he was pissy.  But I just told myself and HIM to remain positive and things will change.  I went in my room and played Bejeweled while he played with O.  Then, I came out and we talked about what I was reading… and voila… his mood changed.  Just like that.

Ok… I’m here in the Valley at my  mother inlaws house because she was debiliated with another headache the other day.  I get worried due to her past history with a brain tumor.  So, I came so she could spend some time with O.  Funny, I come with O… and I’m invisible.  Hehehehe.

Off to Babies R Us now to buy our dear friends, Lana and Noel, a baby shower gift.  I’m so excited for them that they finally are getting to experience parenthood because they were trying to conceive for a long time.  I always root for the underdog.