Hi there everyone.

It has been a very emotional past few weeks for me.  I’ve had bouts with crying, anger, and frustration… oh, this is from my daily routine with my now “no-loving and hitting two year old daughter”… not my dad’s situation.  Muahahahahaha.  Jk.  But a dear older mentor of my Husband… the great Dr. Gerald Longhurst recently told me in a nutshell was, “Chris, you know, you’re just borrowing these kids for a short time.  The time is going to just pass and they aren’t going to be there when YOU want and need them.  So as frustrating as it is, enjoy it.  Your personal and professional goals will still be waiting for you.”  I love that man.  He reminds me a great deal of my dad.  He’s in his 70s and looks gorgeous, distinguished, and just all around amazing.  Dr. Longhurst… if you ever read this… know my husband and I just admire and respect you dearly.  You have impacted our lives in ways you will never even know.  The wisdom you speak to my husband really affects our household in such positive ways.  Thank you.

Anyways, this is going to be a bit gross for some as I have a major obsession with bowel activities both of my own and my daughter.  After a recent endoscopy due to frequent indigestion, I found out I have an ulcer (already knew) and that I had tons and tons of gas… and that I needed Metamucil due to my constipation issues.  DUH!!!   I already knew this.  After being on Prilosec for a few days, I couldn’t handle it.  It made me feel like I had gastric bypass (don’t know how that feels, but what I’d imagine) so I acted as MD and took myself off.  But this time, I listened to my doctor and started on a daily regimen of Metamucil.  OMG… love, love, love that stuff.  Initially nothing happened the first few days… but by golly for the life of Beegeezee… hallelujah… had the best movement in ages.   That got me HOOKED like a street hooker on coke.  OK so bad.  But, I love it.  Now, it’s part of my daily routine.  Some days, as most things, are better than others… but the great days… oh la la.  I love it.  I feel fresh, light, and oh so clean.  Yes, I’m obsessed.  “Hello, my name is Christine.  And I am a Metamucil addict.”  But I hear it’s good for cholesterol too.  Last I checked I was borderline at 207.  Yes people… don’t get  your undies in a bunch.  It’s pretty high for someone my age.  (I checked when I was 31)!!!  But it is genetic… thanks MOM.  So now, I’d like to check again.  August is my annual physical month so I will go then.I’m sure most of you know what it looks like.  But voila!!!  Here are all the products you can get.  I hear too that it helps with weight loss.  I think it’s just from the poop that comes out.

I’ve also decided to start a daily food journal.  I’ve tried and failed many, many times.  But for whatever reason, at the end of the day, I’m always pondering…”what did I eat today?  Why do I feel like I didn’t eat that much, but I’m not losing weight?”  I think because I snack so often and don’t really eat big meals, I equate that with not eating much.  But in hindsight, I think all the snacks are adding up.  I think my ramen addiction is going to have to be my first purging.  Ugh, the withdrawals.  I can already feel it.

Anyways, my dad just got a passport put in his arm the other day.  No, he didn’t get a small book that collects stamps into his arm.  He got a Port to allow for easier access to his veins so he doesn’t have to get poked and prodded so often.  That comes with its own risks, but apparently, my dad gave the ok.  I would’ve opted not too.  But then again, as the treatments progress and with his age and hydration status, I know his veins won’t be in the best condition… so I guess it will be one less thing for him to deal with.  I just pray he doesn’t have any complications.

Please continue to pray that all his treatments are gentle on him.  Thank you.