I’m on the hunt for the perfect concealer.  Not cakey and that doesn’t make you look like you have gray eye circles as opposed to black.  So, I tried Bobby Brown’s and it was an ultimate fail.  Not only do you have to buy the “Corrector” for $22, but you have to get the actual dual “Concealer” unit which is another $38.  The dual unit has the concealer and a brush on powder.  I thought the case looked cute and the concept was cool, but when I put it on it was just three steps too many.  So, I’m going to stick to my all time favorite from Lancome.  I rarely use it because I rarely put make-up on anymore, but it is still my go to in terms of concealer.  It’s good because it doesn’t cake on unless ofcourse you put too much on.

This is my favorite Lancome concealer.  I’ve tried lots of others and this is reasonably priced @ $29.50 and works uber well.  I considered getting Cle De Peau’s concealer but it was $70 and a bit dry and chalky for me.

On a life note, O caught some funky virus while in Hawaii and was not feeling well since Wednesday.  This makes me more vigilant and diligent about frequent handwashing.  Clean Hands Keep You Healthy.  That’s my new motto.