Hi, I’ve been totally MIA.  So sorry.

I’ve been struggling for the past two months with excruciating pain from ovarian cysts again.  For most, ovarian cysts usually do not cause much discomfort but lucky me… I’m special.  I have peritonitis as a child from a misdiagnosed appendicitis.  WTF right?  I mean, who can diagnose an appendicitis.  So my lower pelvis is virtually totally stuck together.  So when I get these pesky cysts… it causes tons of pain from the stretching and the fluid that builds up.  But not only does it cause pain… it wreaks havoc on my bowels and causes massive bloating because it blocks my you-know-what… no butthole for those who don’t know.  LOL.  (I’m being graphic in this one)!!!  But, we are trying for baby number two so surgery and medications aren’t really an option for me at this point.  I am just heavily sedated at times when I have to unwillingly pop a Percocet.  But might I add… ooooh lala it feels like I’m high.  I can totally understand how people can get addicted to the stuff.

Anyhow, there is so much going on.  My beautiful sister in-law is going to get married this weekend.  I have been looking forward to this event like the British were waiting for the Royal Wedding.  Then, we leave for Hawaii for another wedding.  (Those thinking of robbing my place… I have a 78 year old man staying at my place guarding my forte… ahahahah.  Just kidding.  I had been advised not to disclose to much personal information).  Then, we come back to some normalcy.  We’ve seriously had two weddings every month since February compounded with a lot of 1st birthday parties for babies.  I know we have at least two more in August and October.  I love the chaos though.  It gives me things to look forward too.

Oh and then, there’s my darling O.  Did I tell you she gave me a timeout yesterday?  Well, she did.  She pointed to the wall and said “timeout, mommy… go!!!”  And then, when I tried to get out of timeout… she pointed to the wall again and said “GO!!!”  She cracks me up.  She talks so much now and I get surprised at some of the sentences she’s able to make.  I truly feel so blessed at those little milestones.  I never knew how much those things would bring peace of mind.  I know a lot of parents worry and I can sympathize.

I feel like O is raising me in a sense.  She gives me love and makes me feel comforted.  When she hugs me or says “I love you…” I know it’s real… because she’s super stingy with her kisses and hugs.  She’s like a mini-adult.  Everyone that meets her says that she’s unique…not like most little girls because her personality is so distinct and dramatic.  I don’t feel like she’s very child-like.  Like I literally have conversations with her about real things, life, heartache, pain, and sorrow and I feel like she understands.  But then again, I’m blind and deaf when it comes to her.

I thank God daily for this feeling though, because as most of you know… I truly struggled to find it.  Anyways, I will post pictures from my sister in-laws wedding.  As it will be beautiful beyond belief.  She’s so talented in the style, decor, and fashion aspect.  Literally, girl designs jewerly and makes most of her clothes.  WTF… AND she’s an attorney.