I decided yesterday that I no longer wanted a Facebook account.  I am going to keep it activated solely for the purpose of playing Bejeweled.  I’m a loser.  Yes, I know.

I realized I did not like the way I would care about things people did or said when in actuality … I really did not want to give one second thought to whatever had been posted.  I think through Facebook, people who wouldn’t have the courage to say or do things in real life… say and do things and post it just because they can.  Does that make sense?

I saw firsthand, how some one could be malicious to another person and it sickened me.

So, I’m done.  If anyone I love and care for needs me… you know how to get a hold of me.  I will miss seeing pictures of my friend’s kids but I think it’s just not a healthy site for me personally.