Our friend, Chef Bryant Ng and his lovely wife, Kim, recently opened up a restaurant in Little Tokyo called “The Spice Table.”  The cuisine is a fusion of Vietnamese and Singaporean foods such as satays, curries, noodles, and surprisingly brewed beer.  Love it.  I went last night with a couple of my “American” mommy friends and they loved it.

The Hainanese rice with chicken was a knockout.  We were taken aback because we were expecting a fried rice sort of dish, but literally it was an amazingly well-cooked and seasoned piece of thigh meat with rice.  Ugh, my mouth is watering as I write.  This time, I got the fried curried chicken wings as well.  Phenomenal.  I also got the fried cauliflower because I love the fish sauce that accompanies the dish.  The best part is not just the great atmosphere and food, but the cost.  It is very reasonable.

So if you are ever in the Downtown area, it is definitely a place to try out. Little Tokyo seems to be the new up and coming area for great cuisine.