February and March are filled with birthday celebrations in our families.  So it’s been a pretty crazy couple of weeks filled with many celebrations.  We are also going to a plethora of weddings in the next three months.  We have two this month, one in April, and two in May.  My sister inlaw is getting married in May and then we are off to Hawaii to celebrate a wedding of some very dear friends.  I’m super excited to see my sister inlaw get married.  I am expecting a very detailed and well put together wedding because my sister inlaw is super creative and very detail oriented.  She’s going to make a beautiful bride because she is super pretty.

O is a riot.  Funny thing is… she has always been very cautious around other kids but I can see lately that she is slowly but surely coming out of her shell.  She definitely is an old soul.  She’s like a mini-adult trapped in a childs body.  I feel like she nurtures me more than I nurture her.

I’m pretty tired right now because I had a lovely dinner with my neighbor at Morel’s Steakhouse and did some shopping at the Grove.  Got lots of cute tops today.  I’m really into floral and nautical prints right now so Forever 21 is my saving grace for cheap affordable clothing.

I just discovered Benefits “High Bean” highlighting gel.  It’s awesome.  My friend, who I went to dinner with, always has a healthy glow even while being a full time dentist and new mommy… and she let me in on her beauty regimen that consisted of using the highlighting cream.  I’ve never been into using extra stuff on my face but that stuff is great.  Makes you look well rested even when you don’t get any sleep.


That’s what it looks like.  Kind of like a nail polish and you just dab a couple dots onto your cheeks and brow bone and whalah… you look younger and vibrant.  (Just figured out how to copy and paste from our Mac… sorry it took so long.  I am not a computer person!!!).

I will be adding tons more pictures of all the things I like.