Today is my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  I used to think it was cliche when parents would say “time flies or it goes by too fast.”  I didn’t feel that way the first year.  Seriously, the first year couldn’t have dragged any longer.  Tee hee hee.  It was all give, give, give… and hmmm… no return except stinky diapers and throw up.  Ahahahaha.  I admire my friends who do not feel this way.  My friend from junior high school, Adriana, wants another… she has two already.  I truly respect these women.  I thought I was going to be that way.  But more and more, I think I was meant to be a mom of one.  Put the selfishness aside and my own goals aside, and ofcourse I want a sibling for my daughter… so the fear subsides and Tiger mom comes out to try month after month to conceive.  If not for my daughter, for my husband… who definitely deserves a chance at having a son.  My daughter is definitely my soulmate.  Today, she said “umma gguh!!!” which means “mommy’s” in Korean to her daddy.  It made my day.  It made my whole fear dissipate and yearn for the same relationship in which a dad could share with a son.  I do not know what I would have done if I didn’t have O.  She is truly my best friend already.

We celebrated at Giggles and Hugs on Friday at Century City with some of my closest mommy friends.  I find as time goes by… I recognize and appreciate my friends so much more.  The quality of my friendships are so much greater and more profound.  Each individual nourishes my soul in ways you aren’t able to appreciate or accept when you are younger.  I am so blessed to have these amazing women in my life.  Most especially my sister.  I think far too often we neglect to acknowledge those close to us because we assume they know how much we love and appreciate them.  But they might not.  So, this is my thank you and acknowledgment that all that you do does not go down in vain.  I would die without you, Hyung.  My being is edified by your presence.

I really need to learn how to upload pictures onto this site.  I hate that my site is so boring.  Now that I have more time because I dropped out of this semester to focus on baby-making… I shall diligently make this site a place of refuge, humor, and style for all my 5 fans.  Hehehehe.

Have a blessed Sunday.