OMG… Olivia, my sister, and I have been sick off and on for three weeks now.  Olivia should now be referred to as “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”  Her poor little perfectly shaped nose has turned into a little raw tomato.

When parents say, “oh my kid is not sick, she just has a cold…” I don’t get it.  Yeah, they aren’t suffering with a fever or chills, but they are definitely uncomfortable, stuffy, and lethargic.  So I get to thinking… why the heck would you bring your unsick kid to events and get other kids “unsick?”  I just don’t get it.  When your kid is shooting snot bullets when they sneeze, it just doesn’t feel ok to the person on the receiving end of the “unsickness.”  LOL.  Seriously.  It is so selfish.  And the icing on the cake is when the caretake says “cover your mouth” AFTER your kid coughs or sneezes straight into my kids face.   So NOT cool.

I mean, I would love to kill time by taking my daughter to all her classes ESPECIALLY when she is “unsick,” but I would never do that because I would not want another child or parent to suffer.

Anyhow, that’s just a thought I had.  I really wanted to do some playdates with my girlfriends, go to a birthday party tomorrow and what not… but I definitely do not want to be the parent that selfishly brought her “unsick” kid to the party.  Hehehehe.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Ahhhhhh chooooo!!!!  Snot all around on the house!!!