I swear, time is just passing by in the blink of an eye.  I feel fortunate though that I feel present in the momentum and chaos that is my daily life.

Anyhow, last night, Husb and I had a date night after many, many, many months of no alone time.  Not complaining because we chose to spend our free time with family and friends.  But last night, we finally were able to have some time just the two of us and it was great except for the fact that I felt beyond crummy.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants in LA called AOC.  It’s on 3rd St just east of Sweetzer.  It’s more of a tapas style wine bar but the food is tremendously decadent and innovative.  We love the figs wrapped in bacon… the cheeses are amazing and the salami is mouth watering.  But last night… nothing tasted that great to me.  Not even the sparkling water.  Boo.

But we had a great time.  I sucked it up.  We had great conversation and just checked in with one another and what our agenda outside of each other would be for the next few months.

I’m currently trying to build support groups for women suffering from postpartum who aren’t financially able to care for themselves as they need.  I am doing this first in small steps through my mommy groups from church.  I’ve contacted doctors, counselors, and friends who are familiar with the disease in order to garner support and the resources required to make this endeavor come to fruition.  I truly believe God did not make me journey through hell just for the sake of it.  I firmly believe this is my calling.  I feel lucky too because my husband is extremely supportive of my cause and volition.  This has become somewhat of a new vocation for me.

I’ve been busier with O too.  I come to realize that I set high standards for myself when it comes to my daughter and make myself worry and feel awful about things that are truly beyond my control.  For instance, if I feel like she’s bored, I automatically assume she’s going to be damaged goods and all fault will rest on my shoulders because I’m her main caretaker.  When in reality, all that little girl wants to do is be next to me.  Truly, I feel we women, most especially us moms, crucify ourselves for things that we perceive as problems when no problem really exists.

Anyways, went off on a tangent, so back to AOC.  We had lovely discussions about many things and we walked out full and completely satisfied with our date.  We also had the pleasure of seeing the owner of the restaurant and as an added bonus… Jennifer Love Hewitt sat in front of us and then turned around and smiled at me.

Ok… off to play Bejeweled now.