In a matter of seconds… all hell broke loose.  We’ve always felt that O was capable of safely eating grapes and tomatoes even though it’s advised not to do so.  Well, we’ve learned our lesson.  As my mom and I were very luckily sitting near by O… we both noticed she started gagging… and this was not the usual “I stuck my hand too far into my throat type of gagging.”  We knew immediately a tomato was stuck in her throat.

So immediately, my mom got to her and stuck her finger in her throat which was not a good idea because she probably just made it go further down because of the size of the object.  So, I grabbed her and did the Heimlich as an instinctual response.  The tomato wouldn’t come out and she wasn’t making any noise.  So, I flipped her over and just kept smacking her on her back.  Finally, I heard a small squeal and saw the tomato but I was not a 100% sure it was it because there we other tomatoes near by.  But she started crying more vigorously and knew it was out.

I was shaking for a long time afterwards.  I felt like for whatever reason this episode was far more scary than when her apnea monitor went off when she was like four months old.  I kept thinking … “omg, what if this thing doesn’t come out… what the f$ck!!!”  I’d be f*cking damned if I let anything happen to this little miracle of mine.  Not on my watch.  Then after the fact, I kept thinking what if we had just let her play by herself while eating as usual and we just thought she was quietly playing.  The thought freaks me out.

Anyhow parents… never be too sure that your child is just quietly playing.  Be diligent…every second truly does matter in these kids lives.  I swore to my husband… I’m never going back to work again.  I can’t imagine what my mom or my nanny would have done if I hadn’t been there.