Ugh… every month… I wait.  I wait and I wait.  Obviously the past couple of months haven’t been fruitful since I haven’t gotten that “positive” test result.  But this month, I am very hopeful.  I hate this game, especially because I am a very impatient person.  I know I should be content because I have a very precious and healthy little girl but I want her to have a sibling.

I watch O grow and I think she is so cute.  Everything she does seems monumental and newsworthy.  But more than anything, she brings such joy to everyone’s life in so many different ways.  I want more, more, more O’s (no pun intended)!!!  1million O’s won’t be enough for me!!!!  I can seriously eat this little girl.

I seem to be busier as an unemployed mom.  I feel like my days are so chaotic.  I like it.

O just started a singing/music school.  No silly people, she’s not getting vocal lessons or anything.  She just sings, dances, and socializes with other kids.  She was so timid and cautious as always when she is around other kids.  But toward the end, she started warming up and letting me shake her arms around and she started venturing out on her own as well.  Ofcourse, I wasn’t pleased when she stuck a sucked on drumstick into her mouth.  Ugh!!!

Husb just finished a month long stent as a wanna-be professional poker player.  Weekend after weekend starting in June til this past weekend, he was in Vegas duking it out with the pro’s and non-alike to try to conquer the WSOP.  He won a couple tournaments prior to the Main Event… but lost out on Day 2 of the WSOP!!!  I’m proud of him though.  He takes it very seriously.  The man even Google searched strategies and read books before going.  I haven’t seen that man read a book ever since we started dating over 6 years ago.

Anyhow, life is good.  I shall keep you all posted on the results of the month!!!  Toodles.