We had a lovely weekend at the Bacara Resort and Spa this weekend.  My girlfriends came down from San Fran for some much needed R&R.  My sis, mom, O and I had a blast swimming and eating, and eating, and eating.  It was nice to have some face time with my girlfriend, Noel, since we don’t get very many opportunities to hang out.

The best part about the trip was the yoga classes and walking around.  I really wanted this weekend to be an intense workout and cleanse session but we only got a couple classes in.  Nonetheless, it was very cathartic.  I found my strength again.  And I feel refreshed and empowered.  I feel I got some sanity and clarity back into my life.  I too often forget the power of yoga.. just breathing.

The instructor of the yoga class said something very nonchalantly but it continues to stick with me.  She said, “strength gives you grace.”  People generally think the more flexible you are the better the yogi you are.  I always knew I was strong but not flexible and it made me actually feel weaker during yoga.  But I somehow found the inner strength in me again… you know… that “umph!!!”  I killed the whiner in me… or more so in my mind.  I killed the “oooh, it hurts, it’s too hard… no my body is not able to do that” person from my thoughts and am beginning to realize that I am strong and powerful and that I can do it too… if I want too.

Quitting my job came with a great deal of hesitation.  But now, I know more than ever I made the best decision ever.  I had to get over the financial aspect of it which wasn’t easy because to me financial freedom means independence.  I’m now just going to work part time visiting patients here and there.  I much rather prefer an office job because I don’t want to be driving around so much but I think it will be exciting.

O just got a new nanny who will only be coming once a week for the time being.  She is very nice and O seems to have warmed up to her already.  But yet again, I’m constantly having to tell myself to trust her more… afterall, we’re talking about my most precious gift that has entered into my life.

Anyhow, I will keep you guys updated on our life.  Husb just won a couple poker tournaments and is now riding the wave to WSOP.  O is talking a lot so it helps us understand her needs easier.  She’s a little parrot these days too so we are very mindful of the words, gestures, and thought we convey in front of her.