O is soooo much fuuuuuunnnnn!!!  i love her.  she cracks me up.  She’s drama in pint-size!!!  She surely doesn’t take after her mamma.  Ahahahah.  She’s going to be an actress or something because she’s just full of emotion and expresses herself rather well for someone so new to this world.

Life is good.  It hasn’t felt this clear or this calm in quite some time now.  But God is so good.  He has truly blessed my life with so much.  I do not know what I did right in my life to deserve so much. I feel like I finally know what I want from myself, my life, and am able to express it without feeling guilty about hurting feelings or not being liked for having wants of my own.

I’ve had to clean house with friends that I have been friends with for 20 years because I knew that deep down inside nothing positive was coming out of that relationship.  It’s crazy because there’s no remorse or sadness.  I wish them well and will love them eternally but I don’t necessarily believe you have to “force” a friendship just out of longevity sake.  I have great friends that don’t hold tabs against you for all the things you haven’t done for them… which ironically, they never seem to remember their own faults.

I am trying to surround myself with positivity.  That is why I am going to quit my job.  As much as I love working with my coworkers and my boss… the work is getting to me.  The constant need to problem solve and listen to people complain about what is wrong is really taking it’s toll on my sanity.  Plus, since the husband and I are trying now… I want to give all my attention to Olivia as I can.

She’s going to start various classes soon… and I want to be there to witness her interactions and changes.

Till the next time… have a great day everyone.