It’s been a bit since I last wrote.

Lots and lots have happened.  I thought I would be blogging my heart out while I was in Hawaii with my little nuclear family, Mom, and sister.  But unfortunately, I forgot one main thing… the charger for my netbook!!!!  Ahahahah.  Husb was pretty annoyed.

We had a great time overall.  I had a difficult time unwinding the first two days because I was so used to being on the go mode.  We had a great time with O, swimming, walking around, and just relaxing together.  It was great seeing her get to spend so much time with her dad.  I feel like they really had a great opportunity to bond.

O is growing so fast.  Her upper tooth is finally coming in.  The irony of it all.  Funny, because our pediatrician’s wife is in the dental field and her baby didn’t get her teeth in until 18mths.  Go figure.

Work is good.  Interestingly enough, I find myself growing while I work.  Not just in terms of adapting to the personalities of my coworkers, but learning to be patient and compassionate towards my patient’s needs, frustrations, and really learning to hear the voices.  I used to find myself just getting irritated.  But now, I’m more empathetic.  I realized I should care for them and handle them the way in which I would like to be regarded.

My owner is a kook.  Love her.  She is as nutty if not worse than I am.  I think she’s very misunderstood.  So I like her even more.

I wanted to write about lots and lots of things… but right now, I’m so tired all I can think of is wanting to go to sleep.

I feel very blessed these days for the life I live.  I feel the weight I had been carrying for a long time has finally been lifted off of my shoulders and I feel a sense of freedom.  I am able to care and love without fear.