Had a fantastic day with O and my sister.  I went into the office for a bit to tie up some odds and ends.  Then, my sister, O and I went to the Grove for a leisurely stroll and some retail therapy.  I can’t believe how O’s personality changes on a daily basis.  She has a thing called “preference” now.  She chooses her clothes, wants to spoon feed herself, and screams if she doesn’t get the shoes she wants.  I know it’s soooo bad…. to indulge her… but she’s soooooooooooooo freaking cute that I cannot help it.  She went into the kid’s shoe department at Nordstrom’s with me because I wanted to get her some sandals.  I picked a few out, but she didn’t like them.  Then, behold… some pink and green Crocs were put in front of her and she just went nuts.  She wanted them on her feet right away.  And wouldn’t take them off, so I had to buy them even though they were two sizes too big.  Mind you, I also had a smaller size shipped to me.  At the Gap, she wanted a polka dotted dress… she loves her dots… but unfortunately for her… but fortunately for daddy… they didn’t have her size.  So she chose a striped dress instead.  She’s also very protective of her stuff and held all her loot close to her chest (literally) and squealed when I had to hand them over to the cashier so I wouldn’t get arrested if she just walked out with the clothes.  She carried her brown Baby Gap bag out and strolled around with it on the grass.  Then, we just got some food from The Farm … first time in a long time that I got to eat peacefully with her because she konked out just long enough for Momma and Emo to have a quiet meal without having to swallow our food without chewing.  Then, she woke up so we got her food and ate it on the grass and sat and played for a while.  The bad part… I think we all got a bit of wind/heat stroke even though it was nice a cool.  Olivia has been sleeping since 5pm.  I’m worried she’s going to wake up at 3am wanting to play.

These are the days that fill my soul.  She’s so much fun now.  She’s a little parrot and mimics everything.

The other night, she and I were laying together before she went to sleep and we intertwined our fingers together.  And I felt this gush of love and adoration for her that I almost felt frustrated that I couldn’t breathe her in even more.  Like I just wanted to engulf her and squeeze her and love her more more more.  I wonder if she knows how much I love her?

She’s absolutely magnificent.  And yes, I am becoming one of those moms!!!  So sue me.