I feel pleasantly plump these days.  So, I started walking to work.  It feels good most especially because the weather is awesome in the morning.  The only drawback is when people walk behind me and I don’t know they are they.  Then, I get startled.  I need to carry a weapon.  Ahahaha.

I have a couple minutes right now because they are backing up our computers at work.  I seriously never have time to blog or leisurely peruse the sleeze update sights.  But, I am so bummed for Sandra Bullock.  Love her.  I had a crazy dream the other night that my husband pulled a “TIGER” and in that dream… I was beating the crap out of some hoochie biatch.  I think it’s from being bombarded by the Tiger interviews and the Jesse James stuff.  I think we should be in countries that castrate for cheating or remove fingers for stealing.  Can I get an AMEN?  JK.

Olivia is walking and talking.  So cute.  I feel like that little girl sucks all the love out of me… then fuels me… then sucks it out again.  I freaking love her.  I want to eat her.  Her little yummy chunky legs and feet and hands.  I love the way she stands outside the bathroom door when Daddy is taking care of business and screams…”AH PAH… AH PAH.”  Most especially, because I can see her Daddy just melt.  She is hilarious.  Ugh… I never wanted to turn into “that MOM.”  You know, the “my kid this… my kid that!!”  But dude, my kid rocks.  Not more than anyone else’s child… but for me… she’s a genius, kind, and so unassumingly charming.

We are going to Vegas this weekend for a couple’s getaway with the Li’s and Thongintra’s.   I hope we have a good time because last time, I cried.

Anyhow, this little dwarf has got to go back to work.  Hyung, Lisa, Chamkasemx2 & Michelle… thanks for always being so supportive of my inadequacies.  You guys are my mommy backbone.  You guys make me feel strong when I don’t think I have anything to feel confident about.