I can’t believe she is one.  She still seems like a little baby.  It’s crazy because she’s always watching me and mimicking me.  I come to realize that I have to be careful with my gestures, my tone of voice, and with my demeanor.  She watches me put on makeup then she pretends she’s brushing on blush!!!  Too cute.

My mom has been taking her to the park next to our place and she loves the swings now.  She refuses to get off and fights my mom to stay at the park.  She hilarious.  I feel like she’s going to have a great sense of humor.

Work is great.  I am super busy throughout the day and I don’t even realize how much time flies by before it’s already time to go home.  I empathize with my husband more now because there are days I come home and just don’t want to be bothered and just need some time to decompress.  But ofcourse, decompressing for me never happens because I have to maintain enough energy when I get home for O.  I enjoy our time so much more now because I used to take it for granted like it would always be there.  I like being a working mom.  It gives me a sense of productivity.  I truly agree that being a stay-at-home mom is much much much much harder and the sacrifice is immensely commendable.  But for me, working is an escape and it allows for me to be a better mom, wife, and person.

Tomorrow is her birthday.  I hope the party goes well and the rain doesn’t come til Sunday.

Can’t wait to see everyone and enjoy Os special day.