My sister has always been the one constant in my ever changing life.  I don’t know how I would live without her nor do I ever want to imagine the day that I can’t reach out to her.  She is my forever emergency contact.

When I think of the person of writing down as my emergency contact you would think that it would be my husband now that I am married and have a child.  But it isn’t and I don’t think it will ever be because I have a higher probability of being correct in stating that if I were ever in a life or death situation, my husband would tell the operator… “hey, can you keep her on life support a little bit longer because I have to finish up with this patient or I’m in the middle of a crucial poker hand!”  But my sister… oh my dear sister… would probably be praying to her God in the way she does… “please God, let me have wings to get to her side faster so I can give my life in turn for hers!!!”  I can bet my life on this because I would do the same for her.

My sister, as cliche as it sounds, is my true wing beneath my wings.  She is the slient strength in my chaos and my angst.  And although while growing up she almost got my ass kicked on several occasions, I knew I had her in my corner and that reassurance has been the one thing that has given me confidence to know that I was never alone.

Sometimes, I grieve for the days she and I would gallavant around doing mundane chores and just spending times going to Kohl’s during the wee hours of the night… just because.  I miss the days where we would just sleep side by side…just because we could.  I miss the days where I could just choose her…just because I could.