I’m recovering at home and the  surgery went better than I had ever expected.  I realized the difference between a good and great doctor.  Dr. Goldberg called me the day before the surgery and called me the night of the surgery date to go over all the information he had talked to me about after the surgery in the event that I could not remember.  I feel like even the suturing skills were dramatically different from my old OB/GYN to Dr. Goldberg.  I have so much respect for his bedside manners and his rapport with his patients.  I feel like the time he takes giving his undivided and personal attention is truly instrumental in a patient feeling taken care of and most importantly heard and understood.  If I could, I would send every single person I know to him.  But so far, it’s just my sister and mom for now.

Olivia is now trying to take one step but it doesn’t seem like she’s in a hurry to try to walk or anything.  She has another cold and it sucks seeing your kid not be able to breathe and have dirty snot all over her face.  But the sound of her little cackling cough is so cute.

Anyhow, I was really bummed out that I couldn’t do the 5K run today with my bff, Julie.  I felt let down, but I just feel blessed that I’m alive and well to be able to run at another time.

Well, I’m tired so I will write more later.