My mom has been overseas for the past two weeks.  I’m starting to realize how hard it is to be a mom without help.  It’s liberating and at the same time, there are moments when I feel like the sacrifice rests all on my shoulders.  I’m not resentful at all because when O smiles… it all becomes worthwhile.  But when I’m tired or want to go to the gym and leisurely take a stroll… I realized that that life no longer exists and a tinge of nostalgia returns.  Would I trade this life for that… NEVER!

Olivia is a babbling machine.  She is truly a great baby.  Not because she’s ours… but because she really is.  I can take her any where and she doesn’t fidget, scream, or cry.  She is a huge people-watcher like mommy.  Sometimes her crazy staring problem makes people uncomfortable… ahahaha.  Too funny.  Our friends even think she’s a good baby.

Olivia has been standing on her own for the past month now.  She’s attempting to move while standing but I think that will come in the next two weeks or so.  I’m not in a hurry for her to start becoming totally mobile though because I know more work follows mobility.  And this stage is just so much fun.

She has dynamic and very expressive facial expressions.  She’s a very smiley baby.  She melts our hearts.  She sings when we sing now.  She tries to play the piano with grandma… and will sing when grandma plays the piano.  She does “Jem-jem” with her hands and just started to do “Mahn Sae” last night.  We are trying to teach her to clap her hands.

I’m going to start working in a couple of weeks.  I don’t know how I’m going to manage work, school, wife, life… and mommy.  I have such a huge admiration and new respect for working-moms, single-moms, and mom’s with husbands that don’t do anything.  I’m lucky because my husband helps out with the baby a great deal… but I wish he would pick up his clothes and socks off the floor and maybe offer to do the dishes here and there… ahahahahah!!! *WATCH:  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE FIRST ENTRY HE EVER READS!!!*  Tee hee.

We are looking for a house.  I saw my dream home in the Hills.  I fell in love as soon as I walked in.  I can see us living there.  But I know God will provide for us when all things are in place.

We are trying for #2.  He says he feels like a machine.  Ahahahahah.  Oh the sacrifice!!! Poor man!!  NOT!  I hope God blesses us with a healthy baby boy this time… who is just like his sister.  (I’m staring at her right now … she’s sucking on her book that Auntie Lisa Y gave her… and she makes me want to cry… I feel like I can explode when I see her, think of her, smell her.  I just want to love her with very speck of my being… and I don’t even think that’s enough!!!)  I did not know this was the magnitude of a mother’s love for her child.  It is absolutely intense.  I was afraid early on when my bond with her wasn’t very strong.  I was searching for what other mother’s talked about… I’m so glad I found it.  It came to me.

A lot of people are asking me whether or not I’m going to get Olivia the H1N1 vaccine.  Her daddy even asked me this morning.  And yes, I am.  But with that… I think just washing your hands and keeping sick people at bay is also the best remedy to keeping the flu away.

I’m going to train for a marathon (5K) .  Don’t know which one yet.. but I’m going to start.  I hope to be pregnant by January… but I want to run to raise money for a cause.  I will run even when I’m pregos.  Anyone want to join in?  I am also a couple of weeks into my Pilates training.  I feel stronger but my flexibility still sucks.  My trainer is awesome.  She’s nice enough to even come to my place when I don’t have a sitter.  If you are looking for a Pilates or workout trainer… let me know.  She’s worth every penny and more.  Even though I’m working out… my body doesn’t feel the same.  My hips are wider.  I can tell because my jeans are tight.  I just took my measurements yesterday morning (worked out at 5:30am and trained at 6am at the gym while baby and daddy were asleep) so I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

I’m really motivated right now.  I haven’t jogged or done any sort of running in a very long time.  Yesterday morning, I decided to start jogging… and it felt good.  It felt addictive.  I realized it’s up to me to make the time and energy to get going.  If I can do it… everyone can do it.  Just a little sacrifice at the beginning to get up early… but you get used to it.  Ultimately… it’s for you to feel good about yourself.

Have a great Hump Day.  It’s time for us again… ahahahahaha.  JK.

Have a blessed day.  Be thankful you are breathing, able to walk, eat, and talk.  Be gracious you have a home and spare change in your pocket.  Take a day to help a friend or someone in need today.  I’m giving all of Olivia’s things she doesn’t need to a lady at my hair dressers because she’s pregnant and doesn’t have much money.  So if anyone has old stuff for a little girl… please let me know.  Any extra strollers, car seats… please let me know.  She’s due in two weeks and she’s still on her feet working.