Olivia and I have been in and out of this house and that house for the past week because our downstairs neighbors moved out and new tenants moved in and started painting… the smell was intense.  This is the part of living in apartment type homes that sucks.  So we sought refuge at my sisters for two days then went to the house in the desert until Sunday.  We had a great time there.  Just the three of us doing absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful.

But because of all the traveling around, Olivia’s sleep schedule was crazy.  Waking up at all hours of the night.  It didn’t help that she was congested with a sinus cold.  (Her daddy too!!!)  So I sleep trained her last night.  I was “gggggggrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaat” at it.  I knew at this point I was ready because I didn’t budge.  I didn’t want to go and make the crying stop.  After about 30 minutes, I walked in.  Kissed her.  Told her I loved her. Told her it was nighttime and time to sleep.  Laid her down.  Walked out.  And watched her from the monitor for the next two hours.  Even though she fell asleep after an hour.  I’m hoping today is better.  It wasn’t too bad though.  For all moms and dads… do it when you feel YOU are ready.  Because if you feel like the baby is too young or it’s too cruel… you aren’t ready.  We are hoping to have her sleep through the night before Grandma returns from Korea and corrupts her once again.  AHAHAH… my mom is the bestestest but sooooooo weak to Olivia… well then again, so is my mother inlaw and most especially my SISTER.  Yes, YOU!!!

Olivia slipped and fell and hit her forehead on the door panel.  She has a bump and a bruise.  It was so sad but she stopped crying really quickly.

It’s so weird but I feel like I’m mourning her as a little baby right now.  I see her growing up so fast and doing cute things and I think to myself… “Oh my gosh, I’m going to miss her with no teeth.  I’m going to miss her crawling.  I’m going to miss the little size of the nape of her neck.”  Yes, I’ve become an utter retard.  I cried the other night while having dinner with her daddy.  I think he thinks I’m crazy.  But seriously, I look at her and now that her two little teeth are in… I say to her daily… “goodbye Olivia with no teeth… Hello Olivia with two teeth.”  Yikes.  But oh how I love it when she says… “UHM MA” and comes to me.  It is the greatest of life’s rewards.

Okay, enough about the little tike.  So, I’m not pregos.  I was a little sad.  But God works miracles and when my body, mind, and soul are ready again… I’m sure God will bless us with another beautifully healthy baby.  It’s so true that women get amnesia after having a baby and going through all the hard work… because we just want another one right away.

I can’t wait for my mom to come home though.  I miss her.  I miss spending the day with her and seeing her in the morning and making her laugh.  Our bond has never been stronger and I truly feel like there is a silent understanding between us and a forgiveness that is understood.

I’m blessed.  I’m madly in love with not only my life but fortunate enough to be madly enamored with my husband.  And lucky enough to know the love between mother and child.  Life is good.

I have a wedding this weekend.  Still trying to get in shape.  My body is sooooooooooo damn different now.  I had a muffin top before but now it’s all over the side too.  Oh well… time to hit the gym hard.  ahahahahah… yeah right.  I’m looking forward to finally seeing our dear friends the Yims this weekend.  It’s so hard trying to get together… I can’t even believe we had to schedule this months and months in advance.

Gotta go… Olivia is climbing on the cable box.