Things have been in a boring state of chaos.  Nothing extravagant but still chaotic nonetheless.  I feel like I’m barely keeping my head up over the water. 

I have a baby with snot shooting out of her nose when she sneezes, a sick husband, and I’m starting to feel sick too.  Not to mention, we thought we were pregnant AGAIN… yes, already.  Still waiting so we’ll see.  I highly doubt it though.

I stopped breastfeeding.  I’m still so emotional though.  It’s very not like me… but then again, I’m not the same ice-woman I used to be before I had Olivia.  I was watching “Khloe & Kourtney:  Take Miami” or whatever the title is and I started crying when I saw Kourtney’s sonogram and the little beating heart… but before that, I was fumed when I thought she was going to abort it even though I knew she ended up keeping it.  I’m lame. 

Then, I watched my recorded episode of “The Hills” and wanted to shoot all of them.  Kristen is a publicity whore and she behaves how I think my dumbass may have at her age.  She bugs…!!!  Why did they make her the lead.  It’s still a guilty pleasure of mine though.

School… drool!!!  I have daily battles with my decision to go back to school.  I want to quit almost every day.  Then I think to myself… what a wonderful world!!!  Ahahaha… just kidding… I’m sure you guys didn’t register that I had that song ringing in my head.  But really, if not now.  When?  It’s hard enough with one kid, but imagine trying to juggle with more than one.  NO WAY.  I absolutely applaud mother’s that can do it all.  Because that title does not come my way at all.  I also have a greater respect for single mothers who perservere on their own.  WOW.

Anyhow, I got into a verbal altercation in front of my mother inlaw at the Korean Market.  This lady was so rude.  She was gesturing for my mother inlaw to hurry the hell up because  I was holding up the line… so ofcourse, I can’t stand for that ignorant crap.  So I had to tell her off.  I was just waiting for her to pull my hair or something so I could bull-doze her face with my fist.  Heheh.  Gosh in my head… it felt so good to punch her lights out.  But all I could scream was “hey dummy, that’s real great karma you called your way!!”  Geez, if only my mother inlaw and baby weren’t there. 

Okay, gotta read.  Take care all.