Had a great, fun-filled dinner with the sisters’ as usual.  We went to Magnolia’s.  I ate the lobster ravioli, my sil ate the seared tuna, and my sis ate the New York steak.  We had the hummus for appetizer and finished with the mint chocolate chip sandwich.  I had two lovely glasses of Pinot Noir as well.  OOOOH the buzz feels great… and to top things off, I was still able to be coherent enough to finish an essay paper for one of my nursing classes.  Now I am just waiting for 11:30 pm to hit so I can dream-feed my little angelface.

I find it ironic that when I go out without my husb; I feel like I’m cheating on him or something.  Most especially when I go to a new restaurant because as much as I love spending time with my sisters’ and friends’… I love experiencing new restaurants with the husb.  Yeah, I’m a freak… so sue me… I’m in love.

I just fed baby because she woke up for the the millionth time since my mom first put her down.  I think she’s teething but when husb or I feel her gumline… we don’t feel much yet.  Anyhow, I just can’t wait til the day she sleeps at least 10 hours a night.  I know it must be hard on my poor mom too when she comes to help on the days/nights Husb is gone.

Well… toodles my noodles.