I was sick the past couple of weeks.  Now, Olivia is sick with a fever and a little cough.  What’s sickening is that I think her cough even sounds cute!!!  Poor baby was burning up this morning.  I just carried her the entire morning and let her sleep on top of my chest… thanks to the Ergo carrier. (Love love love that contraption… so much better than the baby bjorn!!!)

Anyhow, I read about what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift last night on the VMAs!!!  What a crackhead, douchebag.  Who died and left him King of the Freaking Castle?  I hated him before but I hate him even more now.  I mean, who does that?  It’s the freaking VMAs… who takes that crap seriously.  She’s not a political candidate!  She wasn’t wearing fur… crazy PETA peeps (gotta love ’em for their dedication!!)  She’s just a little girl who won a contest.  I wish somebody would make a blundering fool out of him… oh wait!  Nevermind… that bitch (he doesn’t even amount to a female dog) did it to himself.  No class dumb f*@k.  Did he not learn anything from the passing of his mother?  Aren’t there grandeur issues at hand for him to put his efforts into than making a mockery out of himself and an awards show?  Ugh!!!  He grosses me out.  Boycott that tricks ass.  I’m so fumed by his antics… publicity whore!!!

Ok enough energy spent on that dummy.  During the past few weeks, Husb and I both, separately, have gotten some very unfortunate news.  His professor and the professor’s wife from UPenn passed away in a car accident.  Our hearts go out to their only son.  For me, my very good friend Kat lost her nephew who we all saw grow up into a great man.  I’m absolutely saddened for Kat’s mom who raised Anthony.  I wish them all peace.

I had an epiphany as well.  Sometimes, you have to learn to let go of people in your life who are toxic to your being or who have abandoned your friendship.  I hate letting people go.  I hold on so tightly sometimes because of longevity but I now realize some people are just not that important and aren’t worth investing in.  I have a very close friend who was extremely torn by the ending of her friendship with a mutual friend… this mutual friend just changed on us after she got married and started cutting ties with people who were part of her inner circle.  I started to wonder why she would do that to someone who had been in her life for so long.  I felt bad for my friend who feels a tremendous loss.  I just hope she’s happy and content.  That’s all I ask for.

Anyhow, I hope my little girl gets better.  Have a safe and wonderful week everyone.  May the Lord always bring peace to your mind, heart, and soul.