Yoga Baby

Yoga Baby

Baby Olivia.5.2.09 532

Sitting on my own!!!

I took my mom and Olivia to the Grove this morning for a “Mommy & Me” yoga class… well geez, I am still my mommy’s baby right?  Tee hee.  I didn’t know the Grove offered things like that but I was informed by a new mommy I met at Olivia’s massage class at the Pump Station.  She offered me a whole lot of purposeful information.  I appreciated it so much.  We had a great time and as usual Olivia loved being outside being a nosey noodle.  (Once I learn how to put some pictures up on here… I will!!  Tee hee).  I realized I am so out-of-shape.  I don’t have the strength or flexibility anymore… I couldn’t even touch my toes.  I mean, my back is hurting a lot but that’s no excuse… but nevertheless, it felt good to be out sharing memories with my mom and my little angelface.  Tomorrow is “Stroller Stride” at the Grove… yahoo!!!  I’m going to start taking her on MWF from now on.

After yoga class, I read an email from the same friend who told me about all these classes.  And it triggered something in me that made me feel … hmmm, like a retard!!!  I realized that because my little miracle was a blessing from God and with the scare of her not breathing that one day when her Angelcare monitor went off… I have become a bit neurotic.  For the most part, I’m sane.  I’m carefree.  But when it comes to her health and well-being… I’m a NUTCASE!!!!  I remember my husband even telling me when she was born, “I didn’t think you were going to be so scared.”

I guess, again like the Sex and the City episode with Charlotte, you just get fearful of the unknown and you want to protect your little blessing!

But I do take her out & do things.  I mean, she’s not Bubble Baby or anything.  And at times, ignorance is bliss.  However, being in the healthcare field kind of makes you weary! And now this swine flu crap… ewwww!  I really didn’t think I was going to be an antibacterial toting, wipe everything down kind of mommy… hey wait a second!!!  I’m NOT that person… my crazy family is!!!!  ahahahah.  Jk.  But because this is the first grandchild on both sides of the family… she is very spoiled and everyone is very protective of her.  My husband and I are actually the ones that tell everyone to stop STUPERVISING!!!!!  But it’s great.  Everyone means well.  Always makes one feel better to think you’re normal… and the crazy relatives are the problem.  Ruahahaha.

My goal for the week… allow my daughter to drink toilet water and eat a mudpie!!! hehehehehehhee.  JK.

Have a pleasant day and week everyone!!!