I watched the Miss Universe Pageant with my lovely husband last night.  Well, we actually just watched up to the debacle of what is “Heidi Montag”.  Loser, poser… wannabe Britney.  I wish she and her donkey husband would please stop!!!  Stop posing in the Atlantic Ocean (shoot… that’s the one near the Bahamas right) with your lame Playboy mag that you didn’t even get buttnaked for… another waste of money, space, and an addition to our already polluted universe.   Stop trying to be a popstar.  Stop trying to be famous!!!  (Side Note:  Funny thing… my husband asked, “why is she famous?”  Ahahahahah.  He’s so out-of-the-loop!!  <Pish, you gotta fill him in>… he tries to keep up and give me 411 that he thinks is breaking news… I just smile and appease him… then say… snidely …”been there, done that… old news buddy”).  On a more serious level, I truly believe they don’t have a sense of reality anymore… they think they are megastars.   They are weird.  They are so involved with themselves that they are going to become like how Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Liza Minnelli, and Mariah Carey did when they got famous… but the major difference between them and those doh-dohs is that… those people were talented!!!!  Anyhow, we can only recycle so many magazines with jackasses on them before we should learn to stop … I just almost want to cancel my subscription to US Weekly… I said almost!! Hehehe… it’s my guilty pleasure.

Anyhoot, my husband and I had a very pleasant weekend with our daughter and our moms this weekend.  It was one of the few weekends that my hardworking, hardplaying husband had free.  And it was amazing.  We didn’t do anything spectacular… but I love watching them interact with each other.  It’s so cute now because Olivia tilts her head towards the direction that you tilt yours… and so when Daddy does it, she follows.  So, I asked him… “I wonder why she just smiles so much when she sees you?”  He answered, “Probably because she thinks she’s looking into the mirror.”   Puahahahaha.  I swear, they are twins.  However… my little darling is much cuter.  (You’ll never know who I’m thinking about).

Olivia is now sitting up on her own and getting ready to crawl.  We started her on some 1st foods… she’s not much of a fan just yet though.  She’s a nosey noodle like her momma and great grandma… so when we take her out, she is absolutely well behaved because she is sooooooooooo mesmerized by the outside world.  I can’t believe she’s already 25 weeks!!!  It’s so true that time goes by too fast.  But she’s totally cool.  I love watching her change daily.  I used to think people sounded foolish when they would say that… but it’s so true.  For instance, Friday she still would fall over when she’d sit.  Then on Saturday when we sat her up… she sat there without falling over.  On Sunday, her dad even tried to push her over and she didn’t budge.  (He’s a bully!!!)

Anyhow on a personal note, I am having a bit of anxiety these days about starting school.  I already have homework and the class hasn’t started yet.  I have tug-of-wars about starting school… like “do I want the burden or do I just want the luxury to mess around with Olivia all day?”  I’d prefer the latter but I know if I don’t accomplish what I set out to do now… I’ll never get around to it.  I made a promise with my dad long ago… and I intend on keeping that promise even if it takes me to the day I die.  (At which point, my Master’s will do me or my family absolutely no good!!! ahahahaha).

Well… have a great week all.